As I am writing this piece, I am at a pub in a suburb that is north of Atlanta.  We just returned from Church.  The women are at home, cooking a massive Sunday feast, cackling in the kitchen.  The kids are running around like wild Indians and screaming for no discernable reason.

Padraig Martin – Identity Dixie

 The rest of the men are looking at land for a new project.  I wanted to take the time to head out, have a beer, and write an article – the solitude of being anonymous at a bar.  As I sit here, I am surrounded by exceedingly soft White men, wearing jerseys that venerate black athletes, and cheering on teams for a sport that literally opens with the black national anthem.  This begs the question: what happened to strong White men?

To begin, I do not hate football.  In fact, I love the sport and the athleticism.  I played the sport and greatly enjoyed the physicality, discipline, and grit that manifested itself in every play… every yard.  Rather, I hate professional football.  I still watch college football – a fun escape in a time when everything around me is falling apart – but it is only three hours of a given week.  Like the “men” around me, I used to watch the NFL every Sunday.  Years were wasted on beers, fattening appetizers, and cheering for people that despise my country.  But throughout all of that, I never let professional football consume me.  Today, what I see, are men from a conquered race cheering on their athletic superiors.

The soft jowls of the men around me betray exceeding amounts of estrogen in their diets.  They do not seem to notice the beautiful girls at the bar – behind it or sitting beside them.  They are dialed into the fast black guys.  But it is not just football, or sports in general, but almost every facet of life.  Young men who would rather play video games instead of dating, men who spend hours on fantasy leagues, versus their families, fathers who cannot teach their sons how to use a power tool, change a tire, or shoot a pistol. To be honest, most White men disappoint me to a level of disgust generally reserved for subhuman trash.

What happened to our sense of self? When did we sacrifice our masculinity for the sake of placating a feminized world?  Earlier today, as I escaped from the bedlam of children running around playing, I listened to one of my favorite songs, “Horse Soldier, Horse Soldier,” by Corb Lund.  One of the lyrics in the song is among my favorites of any song, ever written:

I’s the ‘fustest with the mostest’
when I fought for Bedford Forrest,
Suffered General Wilson’s Union raid.
And mine was not to reason why,
mine was but to do and die,
At Crimea with the charging light brigade

Whereas the historical references are exciting in their own right – especially coming from a Canadian folk-country singer – it is the middle portion of that lyric that highlights that which was once a White trait in the mid-19th Century: Death before Dishonor.  The bravery and sacrifice of a people who honored causes above oneself was once the hallmark of a race that is now humiliated throughout a world it once dominated. Today, that same people sit at bars and worship black athletes who have established their own anthem in a country that was conceived and built by White people.

Where are the strong White men?  Whereas some are in the military, I have seen none who have taken a brave stance against Covid vaccinations and leftist governmental overreach.  They placate their brown master in the Pentagon, by referring to degenerate officers with mental illness by their preferred pronoun and submitting to “the jab.”  Law enforcement?  Laughable.  Their strength is found only in a badge, a topic about which I have written before.  The Dissident Right?  To be honest, most cannot get out of bed and hold a job – let alone serve their people beyond edgy memes on Gab.

If I were to define masculinity it would be the following: a trait unique to those born with male chromosomes, in which the male feels compelled to do everything he can to sacrifice himself for the betterment of himself and his people – whether they be his spouse, children, kin, or Nation.  Very few men in the 21st Century are masculine.  Some confuse macho disregard for women as “masculinity.”  Those men forget the purpose of women and our responsibility to them.  That is the other side of the coin in a hyper-feminized world.  The belief that acting physically dismissive, disinterested, or demeaning are masculine traits derives from leftist propaganda.  They are not.  That is masculinity defined by feminists.  Masculinity has always been defined by sacrifice – from the men who fought Saladin to the men who stormed Okinawa.  Without sacrifice, there is no masculinity; without sacrifice there is an effeminate abrogation of responsibilities. 

Consequently, that is where we are today.  The vast majority of White men have surrendered their rightful roles of protector, provider, and warrior.  They are weak.  They are soft.  They are useless.

Unfortunately, the media has had decades to define White male characteristics.  White fathers are portrayed as goofy sidekicks to strong women.  White males are either depicted as soft or, those who are strong, are depicted as cruel.  The contrary depiction is that of the noble black alpha.  Very few films and television shows depict White fathers in a flattering light.  It does not help when White men live up to those pathetic expectations. 

When someone asks, “Why are so many White women dating black men?” look around you.  Those White women have been taught the feminist definition of masculinity.  When they look at White men, they see soft, soy boys cheering on black athletes or playing video games pretending to be athletes.  They cannot appreciate the threat inherent in a (statistically proven) violent and different racial demographic because they have been groomed to see “past race.”  Worse, they have never been exposed to the chivalrous strength of White self-sacrificing masculinity.  Those White women have been groomed on a healthy diet of Mandingoes and soy boys – the latter does not appeal to their genetically ingrained desire for protection, thus they gravitate to the former.

If you have read this far, take an honest assessment of yourself.  What are you doing to promote White masculinity? What are you doing to be chivalrous?  What are you doing to sacrifice more of you for the betterment of those whom God entrusted in your care?  Do you push yourself for one more squat?  Do you stand straight?  Do you open doors and pull-out chairs?  Do you wake up every day knowing that your hard work is the greatest gift you can give your children who rely upon you for their future?  Or, do you sit around playing video games, washing down anxiety medications with your sodas, while your wife sets the example for your children? What happened to strong White men?  They seem to have forgotten their God given role in society. 

Identity Dixie