White liberals are afflicted with a self-concept of intelligence, sophistication and morality. In order to affirm this status, they will adopt beliefs which have been defined to them as its hallmarks. While they often internalize these beliefs as their own rational conclusions, they’re still beliefs cooked up by someone else who understands this psychological impairment to critical thinking. It’s about status, not sense.

Tom Shackleford  – Identity Dixie –

COVID is brilliant in this regard. Quoting “the science” makes them tingle to the point where the violations to the scientific method of censoring discussion, banning the consideration of evidence, and putting complete confidence in the projected results of untested hypotheses are welcomed.

A tactic used to reinforce the need for status is the creation of straw men to serve as character foils. In this case, someone questioning the wisdom of vaccine mandates is worried about getting micro-chipped and likely to overdose on fish tank cleaner or horse paste. We’ll endure our final humiliation before the age of 40, begging for a vaccine before intubation while we’re gently told it’s too late. Once the status vs straw man combination is calibrated, one can work them like a ventriloquist:

So plausible she refuses to comment.

In a plot they’re not aware that someone else is scripting, they’re the protagonists. This enables them to prattle about BLM and maintain indifference to a national black-on-black bloodbath, or condemn police brutality and then celebrate when it’s used on MAGA protesters.

Indeed, they’re capable of indifference to any form of cruelty because they don’t consider possibilities that would contradict their status whereas a conscience requires the active consideration of how one’s actions impact others. Thus, it’s never dawned on them that they’ve become an existential problem.

So, it’s rather alarming now that the unvaccinated are lethal villains to these protagonists instead of what we used to be, which were straw men to whom they could feel superior. The plot says that COVID is spreading because we’re refusing the vaccine. This is despite vaccination percentages exceeding 80% in some countries. This is something simple they can easily digest since the contradictions don’t matter. However, there’s much more going on

Geert Vanden Bossche is a leading expert who now works independently. I’d recommend reading through all of his lengthy postings if you’re worried about where things are headed because they offer a lot of explanatory value from a scientific perspective.

One of his key points is that conducting mass mRNA vaccination campaigns in response to a coronavirus pandemic rather than allowing the natural acquisition of herd immunity is an experiment carrying risks that were deliberately ignored by his peers due to issues such as money and reputation.

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