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TCDSU has begun taking applications which would reimburse a variety of ‘Trans’ identifying students in the college for the purchase of a variety of items, including makeup, clothing, and jewelry. 

The so-called ‘T-Fund’, which will reimburse individuals to the tune of up to €200 for what the Union is describing as ‘Gender-Affirming’ and ‘Dysphoria relieving items’, will be paid for by the Irish taxpayer via money allocated to the union by the Higher Education Authority.

The move follows similar funds being set up in NUI Galway, as well as Dublin City University by the respective unions in both colleges.

Speaking to Trinity News, then Welfare Officer, now TCDSU president Leah Keogh cited statistics put out by the now disgraced NGO Transgender Equality Network Ireland, which had its HSE funding stripped earlier in the year over accounting irregularities.

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