The adverse effects came quickly. Ms. Valentim suffered dizziness, severe headaches, shortness of breath and extreme fatigue the next day. Her condition progressively worsened over the next several days, as she also started feeling “tingling sensations” throughout her entire body.

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Cristiane Borges, Isabelli’s mother, took her only child to Hospital Coração de Jesus on August 29. But doctors said her condition was all psychological and just in her head. Right before being discharged, Isabelli collapsed and lost consciousness. That’s what it took for doctors to take her condition seriously. She was immediately transferred to Vida’s Maternity Hospital in São Paulo.

Doctors immediately diagnosed her with life-threatening hypoxemia. Isabelli’s blood oxygen levels were at 30%. Levels below 88% are cause for concern, according to Banner Health. Doctors recommended immediate blood transfusions consisting of eight bags of blood. But Isabelli’s had a seizure before they could get started and was transferred to the intensive care unit. Doctors could not revive her over the next 36 hours.

Isabelli passed away on September 2.

Let the cover-up and subterfuges begin

Cardiogenic shock, heart attack and severe anemia are the three possible causes of death listed on Isabelli’s death certificate. The Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (Anvisa) said Isabelli died from thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura – numerous blood clots throughout her body. Anvisa also said that Isabelli had a preexisting autoimmune disorder. But the agency said that the Pfizer injection “is not the probable cause of death.”

Cristiane told blogger Roberto Gonçalves that Isabelli did not have any preexisting autoimmune disorders. São Bernardo do Campo Municipal Health Secretary Geraldo Sobrinho said there were no records of Isabelli having any autoimmune disorders in their databases. Anvisa never contacted Cristiane. She received all of her information from local media. Cristiane recalled her last moments with Isabelli:

“She said four words: ‘Mom, I love you.’ Then she asked for a hug and said that the only thing she wanted was to get well. I said, ‘Isabelli, believe in your mom. You’ll be fine.’”

Isabelli was a student at the private Christian school Colégio El-Shaday.

She was a gifted writer. Isabelli’s poem “From My Window” qualified for the 2016 Portuguese Language Olympics: Writing the Future program when she was just 11 years old. Isabelli was also very humble, as demonstrated by her acceptance speech.

“It seemed like the others were more interesting than mine. I let my thoughts flow, narrating what it’s like to see the fog from my window and compare it to Serra do Mar and everything I saw, like the trees and the school nearby.”

Brazilian Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga recommended all states cease injecting low-risk children ages 12 to 17 until the investigation is completed. Bloomberg reported that 72% of that age group in the state of São Paulo have already received at least one injection.

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