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13,000 abortions later, Ireland’s Repeal of the 8th Amendment has been shown to be exactly the disaster that No campaigners predicted.

Birth rates have plummeted by 25%, healthy babies have been aborted because doctors told their parents that they were sick and the situation looks set to deteriorate to even worse depths, mimicking the debauched British abortion regime which it aspires to emulate.

In a new documentary from Tim Jackson, the underhanded tactics of the ‘Irish’ pro abortion lobby during the vote to remove the rights of the unborn are revealed.

Without giving too much away, two aspects of it are particularly interesting.

One is the very active and intentional part that was played by American corporations who suppressed the prolife message on social media and search results. American corporations of course are no longer just for the United States, they have now planted themselves on large swathes of Irish real estate and show no intentions of moving anytime soon. The oppressive influence of Google during the Referendum is not easily forgotten and should inform many of our future perceptions on how stacked the odds are against us.

Another point of note is that when the television debates came up, it was made clear that things would be made deliberately difficult for the No side. The lack of an alternative media greatly hampered any hopes of winning the vote. For example, the only non government owned national TV station in Ireland is actually a British one. It is very difficult to conduct ourselves under enemy terms constantly and come out winners.

A fully functioning alternative media is the way forward.

This documentary is a good start on that path.