By Helena Handbasket – September 21st 2021

This article was published in Issue 2 of The Sovereign Independent in March/April 2010. In today’s world of impending vaccine passports, the move towards a cashless society, carbon credits and a Chinese style social credit system, it is more pertinent today than ever…

By Marcus Zazhivot – First published in March 2010

There’s been a lot of talk recently of the way of the world and how it’ll change in the future. This is for your convenience of course!

One of the main talking points has been the banking situation whereby the public have been, and will be again in the near future, robbed by the very same group of people who have been responsible for the collapse of the world economy.

We’ve to go cashless apparently, which will supposedly be safer for us, we’ll never be mugged again don’t you know. (Except by the bankers) And of course it’ll be cheaper for the banks. That’s real handy then.

The Irish Times wrote an article ‘National Irish Moves to Cashless Banking’ on 22nd Dec. 2009, for those who doubt what I’m saying.

What does a cashless society mean for you? Well it simply means that all your financial transactions will be carried out electronically using a new ‘Smartcard’. This card will be capable of containing much more than your bank account details. It will hold all your personal information and will act as your ID card as well as your driving license. It will also hold your medical records, your employment records, both past and present etc. The list is endless. Pretty soon, in this ‘environmental’ age, it will also contain your ‘Carbon Footprint Rations’.

Despite the total invasion of your privacy and the obvious potential implications for fraud etc., the fact that you won’t be able to buy anything without there being a record of it is another infringement of your right to privacy. You can and will be tracked wherever you go. If the card should become damaged or lost, you will have no means whatsoever to pay for anything. The card can also be ‘turned off’ should someone decide to do so for whatever reason. Dare I suggest disagreeing with government as a plausible reason?

However, you should perhaps be more concerned with the last point, your ‘Carbon Footprint Ration’. If you’ve been reading other articles in this paper regarding the global warming lie, and have given them some thought, you will realise that carbon taxes will eventually be applied to individuals. How else will the liars control us? To ensure your compliance to pay a personal carbon tax you will be given, what in effect will be, a ‘carbon ration’ which will come in the form of an amount of ‘carbon credits’ valid for a defined period of time, which you can’t save up and which, surprise, surprise, will be applied to your ‘Smartcard’.

Clever isn’t it? People need to understand that a carbon tax is not only a tax on fossil fuels. It will apply to every item which requires energy to produce it. That means EVERYTHING you buy or do will have an element of carbon tax included in the cost. Food, travel, medicines, fuel, all forms of agriculture, and of course, children and pets will also have a carbon tax applied. Not only will there be a financial element, there will also be a carbon footprint element; your personal carbon footprint. Whatever amount of carbon footprint units are applied to the item purchased will therefore be deducted automatically from your ‘Smartcard‘ for that item. You will have a limited amount of these carbon footprint units, which as stated earlier, is called RATIONING! So, if you’re an ordinary person going about your ordinary business, you’re going to be FORCED to think carefully about everything you buy because the danger is that you will run out of carbon credits whereby you won’t be able to buy ANYTHING until the next allocation of your carbon ration.

This is the reality of the direction that the entire global warming/climate change scam was always engineered to go in. It has nothing to do with the environment. It is about control over every aspect of your life. So if you don’t OBEY the world government, then your card will simply be turned off.

And it won’t stop there!

When inevitably people start losing their ‘Smartcard’ or having it stolen, then the solution will be to have a microchip implanted under your skin containing all the information on your Smartcard and much, much more.

As you’re reading this I’m sure you’re thinking, “yeah right, conspiracy nut”. Well I hate to tell you but this was already happening as far back as 2002.In Barcelona, the owner of the Baja Beach Clubintroduced implantable microchips for his ‘VIP’guests. The owner, Mr. Conrad Chase stated:

We have a special zone at Baja Beach Club where only VIPs are allowed, which has various exclusive services for these members. We are the first discotheque in the world to offer the VIP VeriChip. Using an integrated (embedded) microchip, our VIPS can identify themselves and pay for their food and drinks without the need for any kind of document (ID).

In the same year, a far more sinister use of the Verichip was implemented when government officials in Mexico were implanted. They had no choice to refuse this violation of their human rights as to have done so would have meant instant dismissal from their jobs. In addition 1,000 Mexicans have had chips implanted for ‘medical reasons’, although these reasons have not been specified other than for use in retrieving medical records.

In 2002, a Florida family had their children implanted to apparently allow easier transfer of medical records should their children end up in hospital at some time in the future.

People must understand that this is coming for everyone whether you like it or not. Terrorism will be used to justify this violation of your fundamental human right to privacy as the chip will enable the state and other bodies to scan you at will wherever you go on the planet.

If we don’t stop the ‘Smartcard‘ now, it’s inevitable that worse is to come.