Bosco – Irish Sentinel Contributor

Anyone with a scintilla of self awareness would have to concede that western civilisation is dying. However, the demise is less of a murder than it is suicide. It is suffocating from within. Those who bare the sprinkling can or pulsating hose to achieve the waterboarding of our unique nations and cultures are not, invariably, foreign to our nation’s shores at all. The asphyxiation of our cherished western civilisation and the undergirding Christian faith that built it, is being committed by descendants of their ancestors who suffered to provide the good life to the former. Nationalists from across the west ( and even further afield in India and Japan) attempt to explain this treachery, and let us not mince words, treachery it most certainly is, and they arrive at different conclusions.

Most speak of the role of globalism and the myriad of tentacles that have found their way into every western nation. They speak of wholesale propaganda campaigns and the manipulation of the masses through clever psychological operations, gleaned from psycho-social experiments that demonstrate the malleability of human behaviour. The conduit, to propagate this dis- ease, are the corrupt institutions and bodies that act as socialising agents that distort, redirect or eviscerate tradition social norms and replace them with deleterious ones for our unique cultures. I refer to the education system (especially third level), the mass media complex (including popular entertainment) and social activists especially of the billionaire kind see George Soros, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates et al.

Some nationalist commentators might point to greed which can corrupt even the most noble of men. One can substitute lust and other vices that make men surrender their principles to satiate their drives. Ireland for example is a prime example of how an insatiable greed can lead people to abandon the faith of their fathers and their nation within a decade or two. Such is the normative alteration in Ireland that many Irish men and women who would have grown accustomed to a diet of their black and white news broadcasts filled with anti papist tirades, delivered by the likes of Rev Ian Paisley, exceed in anti Catholicism vitriol than displayed by the most fervent loyalist in the shankill road of the 1970s. In one sense, it is almost amazing to watch, in another it is utterly shameful.

A story was told of a Syrian Christian who was tortured in prison. He refused to convert to islam, and suffered untold amounts of barbarity to remain steadfast to his Christian beliefs. His finger nails were extracted, he feet beaten, hung upside down and electrocuted yet he never recanted. Eventually the man escaped to the USA and within 6 months, he had abandoned his faith. How was this achieved? The temptations of consumerism and greed proved far more powerful than physical abuses. He withstood every torture method conceivable, but it was the taste of the good life that led him to betray his beliefs. I believe that it is not mere coincidence that Ireland abandoned her values as soon as the country began to experience wealth. Add in the assault on the faith of our fathers by falsely equating deeds of evil men and women who acted contrary to the faith, with the faith itself and the moral bulwark that protected the people from such vice, was eliminated. All achieved through mass distortion by a corrupt media and the innate greed of people.

The one issue ignored by many is the notion of sophistication and its impact upon culture. By
sophistication I necessarily mean the self-attributing delusion of superiority. This is the only way I
can truly understand the intent of people who relish in the destruction of their own nation.

Let me elaboration a little. The malaise that is operating throughout the west can be understood as a programme of mass deception through psychological manipulation, persuasive techniques that play
on the innate vulnerabilities and drives of people: our need to be liked, deference to authority, to
belong to the herd, to conform, to feel unease with exclusion etc ( see Ashe, Milgram and Zimbardo
social experiments). However, research would also tell us that not everyone is susceptible to such
cues or techniques. We know this because the very existence of an extant nationalism proves it to
be so, not everyone is fooled.

Experiments by the likes of neuroscientist Antonio Damasio suggest that it is emotions not reason, that ultimately make us decide an outcome within our control He argues that emotions, far from being barriers to decision making are, in fact, a crucial component of it. This makes sense, given the absurdities today that are taken as factual, e.g that a man can become a woman, that an unborn child is a mere clump of cells, or that a loosely knitted cloth mask can prevent you from spreading a microscopic virus.

What has this to do with sophistication I hear you asking? Add all the ingredients together of a fruitful conduit of distortion, a malleable recipient who is most likely persuaded by some sophist
emotional claim than a rational one, and you are left with the autonomy of the moral agent public themselves. Despite some people maybe being predisposed to persuasion, a decision must still be reached. What is it that makes someone hate their own kind? What emotional message allows
someone to brand their own nation as “passe” when their own ancestors suffered to preserve that
tradition or to label their own history as one doused in “ white privileged” when their forebearers past is more accurately marked by suffering, poverty and persecution? What enables that distorted
conversion towards absurdity and suicide?

I opine that novel technology and affluence have given people today a sense of unjustified
superiority over their ancestors. Nowadays it is common place to consider everything from the past
as brutal and inhumane, to embarrassing or worthy of mockery. This self imposed superiority manifests as sophistication but it betrays the opposite; a severe ignorance of the highest order.

William Golding’s tale, Lord of the Flies, illustrates with visceral accuracy the true nature of human
beings. His tale of pre-teenage British boys who get stranded on an isolated island, whp must fight to survive ought to be a reminder to us all that separates us from our past is not present superiority or
sophistication but mere security, security from the ravages of nature absent law and order. All one has to do is look at the scenes of a black Friday sale, where a TV set artificially lowered in price by a few pence, is cause for others to resort to their animal nature. The novel Lord of the flies highlights
the importance of law and order in a functioning society and the moral that all humans are
essentially evil unless restrained by norms developed over eons by our ancestors. These morals were
instituted successfully into our cultures by Christian beliefs, which included the promotion of reason ( Universities, and by extension science, are the product of Catholic teaching that the world isinteliigible) but also the role of nation in the form of the larger tribe where shared beliefs, values and attitudes predominated.

Technologies change over time through dogged ingenuity, effort and good fortune. Human behaviour remains the same. It is why the Christian concept of original sin grounded us all not to become gods, because ourselves as god would be grossly inadequate and imperfect. The standard, out of reach of grubby human frailties would lead us, imperfectly to try to attain that impossible but perfect example. It is no surprise that when Christianity became obsolete by the sophisticated, who know better apparently, that the trajectory towards suicide of the west became realisable.

It is told that when a victorious roman general entered Rome on his chariot after a battle won, and to the adulation of the frenzied crowds and blaring trumpets that a solitary slave stood behind him on carriage. The slave had two important tasks to perform on that day. One employed a gesture, requiring the slave to hold a laurel wreath of victory over the head of the conquering general signalling the hero’s triumph. The other was a whisper into the ear of the conquering general muttering the words, “ you are not a god but a man”, a simple reminder that he was merely a man. The self styled sophisticated today are deaf to such reminders having making themselves into gods. However, a time will come, most likely not that very far off in the future given the way things are, that will shake them from their egotism but it will be too late for them. Their devolution into nature will see them perish. Let us hope we nationalists don’t fall into the abyss of their making by remaining humble but defiant to the last.