By Helena Handbasket – September 17th 2021

It must be clear by now, to anyone living in these times we now find ourselves in, that we are in dire straits if people continue to trust in governments, unelected bureaucrats and private individuals and indeed put our lives in their hands, which unfortunately, so many have chosen to do through fear, intimidation, coercion and threats.

As with school bullies, once you give in to them you are lost. They will continue to bully and harass you at every opportunity until they have their way with you to your detriment. This has in recent times led to many young people, and some not so young taking their own lives.

The bully is inherently a coward doing what he or she does because they can get away with it by picking on those deemed weaker than themselves and whom they know will not retaliate against them. Thus the abuse gets worse over time with the above tragic result often the end result.

What we have witnessed over the past 18 months or so is a clear case of the bullies taking advantage of their positions of power, which they do not have in reality, to abuse the people who have placed their trust in these bullies; criminals, to use a more appropriate description.

But there are one group who are true cowards at heart and who will bully, harass and beat to a pulp anyone who challenges their ‘authority’. These people are the ‘order followers’, those who are responsible for implementing government policies against their own people; the people who they purportedly work for and who pay their wages.

From the media, medical professions to the police forces and others, these are the people directly responsible for enabling a complete erosion of all civil liberties/freedoms we have come to expect in a free and stable society, although we’ve not had anything remotely like that for a very long time.

What these cowards, indeed traitors, need to realise is that they are creating a prison for themselves and their future generations. They are building the gulag for us all, and when it’s built to completion, these people will be, perhaps, not so quietly as a warning to others, ‘disappeared’ simply because they are witnesses to global genocide; a brutal crime against humanity.

Their excuse is that they have mortgages to pay, mouths to feed etc., but that is no valid excuse for such heinous crimes. There is no excuse good enough to justify their actions.

What they must realise is if this genocidal plan is defeated and the world turns 180 degrees in the opposite direction, then they will be seen as simply traitors and dealt with appropriately, and I doubt it’ll be a good outcome for them.

If they step up to the plate now, they will be forgiven in part, although never completely, but they will in many cases be seen as saviours and heroes, especially those who have already spoken out; people such as John O’Looney, the UK funeral director who has been outspoken on the fraud of Covid-19 and the murders of the elderly in care homes.

You can hear an interview below which I did with him recently on the issues he has witnessed as an undertaker during this whole debacle.

Unfortunately, John is one of too few speaking out when there could be many more if they had some guts and the will to stand up and be counted. I would hope that as things get far worse, and they will, that more will start to see the inevitable consequences of their ‘order following’ actions. Neither outcome for them is a good one as they’ve already committed crimes on a grand scale, but those who step forward before they go much further will I think be given some leniency in this regard and not receive the ultimate sanction; the death penalty they deserve.

So, to all ‘order followers’, now is possibly your last chance at some form of salvation or redemption for your past actions. All you have to do is step up to the plate and expose the lies and genocidal motives of your superiors and to start disobeying illegal orders from above from evil criminals intent on ending what it means to be human and ultimately murdering billions of us to bring about their view of a global utopia built on absolute tyranny over the survivors of the current genocidal agenda.

It’s now or never. Your choice, your life, your conscience.

All you have to do is choose the right side of history.