Dr. Paul E. Marik, founding member of FLCCC, in conversation with Vijaya Viswanathan, discusses the role of compromised medical & governmental institutions in manipulating medical data to make quick money. He exposes Big Pharma and its lobbies who invest millions to suppress data that can hinder their profits. While the big pharma makes millions out of the pandemic the poor continue to suffer. While the virus rages, people find themselves not only lacking in options but also a voice. Dr. Marik discusses in detail the inner mechanizations of the so-called people’s representatives, who have put people’s health on the line for short-term profits.

Timestamps :
00:00- teaser
00:35- Guest introduction
03:42- Dr. Marik’s take on Ivermectin
09:16- WHO, FDA, Govt, Apollo hospitals opposes Ivermectin
12:22- Why is Ivermectin discouraged in the mainstream
14:40- Use of Ivermectin in Indian states
16:21- what is holding the physicians against ivermectin
19:09- pharmacies denying ivermectin in the USA
20:49- myth of scientific & academic freedom
23:29- how ethical are randomized trials during the pandemic
26:33- treatment protocol as per WHO
29:03- Dr. Marik’s take on vaccination
32:13 mass vaccination & implications
38:22- precautions against the pandemic
40:08- future of the pandemic hit world

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Original video is Here https://youtu.be/Bkcp04z8pE4