By Helena Handbasket – September 11th 2021

There’s a reason why man made or ‘handmade’ goods are generally regarded as of a higher quality than factory/machine made goods. It stands to reason that such goods demand a higher price from the end user or customer. They last longer and the results produced are far superior to machine made ‘equivalents’ which may only be similar in appearance, but on further inspection show how cheaply they have been produced using inferior materials.

In the mad, mad world that exists in the heads of megalomaniacs such as Klaus Schawb, Bill Gates etc., it is deemed necessary to improve nature by tampering with it to transform what is an outstanding organism, an organism which has lasted countless millennium, into something they deem is perfection.

Welcome to Human 2.0.

Whilst these madmen tamper with our biology and human nature, they will never, of course, tamper with their own physiology or minds. They already see themselves as superior beings who cannot be improved. Therefore it stands to reason that they wish to tamper with the pleb classes of humanity, anyone not in their multi-billionaire pay packet bracket, not to improve them, but simply to ensure their own deluded fantasies that they will remain superior creatures lording it over the rest of us by ensuring that those deemed below them on the human scale of perfection remain at the bottom of the ladder completely incapable of challenging their diabolical hierarchy.

They wish to create a factory made, cheap, scaled down version of a human being, a robotic slave; equivalent in appearance but subject to breakdown at any moment with no guarantee of recovery. Human 2.0 is the equivalent of having a ‘Made in China’ label imprinted on your skin; a label synonymous with low quality, garbage products which barely last one or two uses if you’re lucky.

We are to be modified into complete idiocy and servitude to those who like to think of themselves as ‘elites’, when in fact, they are the worst examples ever brought forth under the guise of humanity; living abominations. They are the epitome of what it is to be evil on this Earth and they seek to destroy all beauty on it as they have no concept of what beauty is in any of its forms.

They are hateful degenerates who envy our human ability to see and feel the beauty of our world and also to recognise its dark sides. They feel nothing resembling real emotion; they can only mimic it to the degree that, on the face of it, they seem to be reacting humanely to outside stimulus giving the impression that they are empathetic human beings when in fact, they are demons in disguise, seething with hatred for the billions of us who have genuine human attributes. That is why they are driven to modify and ultimately to destroy us.

Anyone who still thinks that these barbaric creatures care one iota for humanity or the planet we inhabit, are not only delusional, but are also well on the way to becoming Human 2.0 without even realising it. Their minds have already been captured by TV screens and other media to the point where their ability to think, even with any degree of rationality, has been utterly destroyed. They are the proverbial zombie class, ripe for execution, which is exactly what they’ll get whilst they sit in front of their screens waiting to be told they can go out to buy food. They will stay in situ, loafing in their games console armchairs, as they starve to death without such permission to venture outdoors being granted by their masters.

This truly is the state of mind of those who have succumbed to the belief that those who claim there are too many people on Earth are not going to do anything about it whilst they engineer society towards lifelong experimental injections to save lives. This is cognitive dissonance on steroids, a preposterous belief system and utterly delusional.

This reminds me of the old footage from WWII where we saw lines of prisoners walk to the edge of a pit filled with the bullet ridden bodies of their friends and relatives laying in the mud right in front of their eyes, who still believed such a brutal outcome could not possibly happen to them.

What happens when countless people start to drop dead over this winter and the coming two to three years? Will those TV entranced, mindless zombies finally see the light and come to their senses? I somehow doubt it as many of those unfortunate people will already be dead. They have already taken the poison and are on the road to countless more Russian Roulette injections simply due to their own initial stupidity in taking the first of many lethal doses because the TV told them to.

But what about when the TV goes off?

Blackouts are coming, probably sooner than we think. No power, no internet, no brainwashing. What then? Perhaps some degree of survival instinct will manifest in those not completely brainwashed and they’ll finally start to realise they’ve been had? Perhaps not. Maybe they’ll just become desperate resulting in a level of barbarism they couldn’t have dreamed themselves possible of as they try to stay alive, albeit in an injected and weakened state. I don’t hold out much hope for them either.

But there will be a large number who have seen through this agenda from day one and it is probably only those people who can turn this around. Those are Human Being 1.0 who will have nothing to do with diktats from despots or the diabolical destruction of their humanity; physically, mentally and spiritually.

Unfortunately, things will have to get a lot worse before there is any hope of things getting better. Many people will die over the next few years due their ignorant belief in an old system which has never seen them as anything other than animals to be culled when the right time and technology presents itself. That time is now.

Those of us resisting such tyrants must not waver in our commitment to fight them at every turn. No compliance should be considered to any totalitarian diktats from a murderous, psychopathic class of parasites.

We must have some degree of optimism that this can be stopped or we may as well give in.

That is not in our nature as Human 1.0