By Rick Fuentes – American Thinker –

Even before his radical demands Thursday for vaccination of federal employees and those of federal contractors and large companies, President Biden was seeking to demonize the unvaxxed.

When it comes to the pandemic, only one-half of Americans are fully vaccinated.  Choosing the stick over the carrot, the Biden administration has encouraged state government leaders and CEOs to sew a scarlet letter on the unvaxxed and cast them out from their social lives and sources of income.  Government-sanctioned segregation appears to be making a comeback.

Erstwhile government emerita like Obama CIA director General Michael Hayden, gleefully caught up in a Twitter rant, agreed that the unvaccinated are Trump supporters who should be flown to Afghanistan and dropped amidst the Taliban.  By missing recent polls showing that the largest percentage of unvaxxed within any racial group are blacks, Hayden shows an ignorance beyond expectation for a Trump-bashing, cocktail party general.

As of mid-August, almost half of New York City’s nine million residents remain unvaccinated, even two weeks after its Bolshevist mayor shut the doors to theaters, restaurants, bars, and gyms for those lacking proof of a first shot or negative test result.  The Bronx Bombers have herded them into special no-vax sections of Yankee Stadium, with similar seclusions at home games of the Mets, Knicks, and Nets.  Lifelong fans and season ticket holders find themselves ejected from their baseline seats and into boxed-in areas enforced with a minimum, socially distanced, capacity.  Uppity Eastside restauranteurs are pressed into the role of Brownshirts serving haute cuisine, demanding masks, and turning away those who cannot produce papers.  No shot, no proof, no service is now one of those hip idioms that epitomize the weaponization of the private sector to achieve government goals in Democrat-run urban strongholds.

DeBlasio, who plies politics as if Gracie Mansion overlooked the Bahia de Habana, is apparently unconcerned that his social pogrom against those lax about the vax is racial discrimination on its face.  Only twenty-eight percent of black males aged 18 to 44 across the five boroughs are inoculated, an age group that comprises almost one-third of all city workers who, if they persist into mid-September, are at risk of losing their means.  That’s a non sequitur to the mayor, as most Democrats in his line of work are authoritarians by way of a majority-black vote without lifting a finger to earn it.

One week after Hizzoner lowered the boom on Gotham businesses, New Orleans Democrat mayor Latoya Cantrell so replicated, abruptly curtailing the indoor activities of the unvaccinated and threatening to fire them from their city jobs before Labor Day.  The crescent city was already under a pandemic state of emergency, with Louisiana’s Disaster Act empowering Cantrell to swear out other executive orders, including one imputing the authority to ban the sale and transportation of firearms, a prospective flag for citywide gun control and confiscation curiously out of place in a health crisis and normally reserved for times of civil unrest.

Nine of ten residents in New Orleans’ three most affluent and majority-white neighborhoods are inoculated.  Not so for Cantrell’s black constituency, who outnumber whites two to one in the surrounding city parishes but are vaccinated at only 45 percent of their representative population.

San Francisco, the flagship of American progressivism, has some of the highest vax rates, with near eighty percent spurred on by the city’s dutiful Asian population. Nonetheless, on August 19 Mayor London Breed ordered all locals to show proof of a fully-completed vaccine regimen to dine out, work out, or trip the nightlife.  Negative test results or a first shot won’t get you foie gras pâté in the same city by the bay that endorses shoplifting, pays criminals not to commit gun crimes, turns a blind eye to the serial COVID violations of Nancy Pelosi, and encourages rampant homelessness in tent cities where COVID variants flourish by way of low vax rates, a lack of hygiene, and social proximity.

Breed’s lockout policies will disproportionately impact black adults who make up only five percent of the populace but more than fifteen percent of city employees.  In the majority-black Fillmore District and other low-income neighborhoods, vaccination rates are still underwater despite pop-up vax sites and offers of free food and entertainment tickets.

Is it any wonder that a whole racial class of Americans who have in the past two centuries suffered grave indecencies at the hands of medical researchers should not willfully and en masse extend an arm for the largest medical experiment in human history.  Vaccinations are effective, even amidst doubts of their efficacy in the long term, but suspicions within the black community based upon previous government exploitations exert their own pressures on personal decision-making.  Joe Biden and his erratic medical team are presented with two remedies: stop the mixed messages from Anthony Fauci, the CDC, and FDA that stoke apprehension and uncertainty in minority communities; or, continue to pursue the path upon which they now find themselves, whipping up interracial division by suffering the unvaxxed their freedoms, denying them the creature comforts of American life, and finding ways to turn the inoculated-majority against them.

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