These observations have spanned three states and various stages of official relief of mask mandate edicts by the tyrants of these States. The idea of this report is to form a baseline of voluntary masking behavior and non-governmental enforcement. Like a New York public service announcement I heard in April stated, there will be more pandemics, and soon.

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Governmental Mask Mandates

  • All federal facilities are enforcing masks use.
  • Pennsylvania, the whitest of these three states, has been the most tyrannical, which is interesting based on the habits noted under masking behavior below.
  • Counties and other municipalities are all over the place on mask mandates, with municipalities with the highest concentration of upper-class Whites and non-whites of all classes, being most strict.

Company Mask Policies

  • Medical facilities have the highest level of masking, exceeding the feds, suggesting that they will take the lead in future police work as it begins to focus on social compliance, rather than crime.
  • National corporations demand higher than state levels of masking.
  • Minority-owned businesses operate along federal levels, usually being as terrified of the disease as the feds.
  • Most private businesses are 80-100% employee masked with no demands for customers to mask.
  • Supermarkets have taken down all mask signage. Private supermarkets are showing a roughly 50% customer and employee mask rate. This is a base line, with half of all people wearing masks inside as a general rule when there is no coercion or even a suggestion to do so.
  • Whole Foods is a good model, as is it appeals to believers in various media mythologies, and shows the following rates of masking without any state or company directives:
    • Masking Outside
      • Employee 50%
      • Affluent White 80%
      • Minority 80%
      • Working White 20%
    • Masking Inside
      • Employee 50%
      • Meat room 0% [the only tradesmen in the business]
      • Supervisors 100%
      • Cashiers 50%
      • Affluent White 80%
      • Minority 80%
      • Working White 40% [almost all of the additional inside working White masking is by women]

It is interesting that only working Whites mask at a higher rate inside and that affluent Whites and minorities mask outside as much as inside.

I was present at a police department fitness exam and cops were all masked all the time, despite the facility not requiring it.

Masking Behavior by Gender

  • Women are twice as likely as men to mask

By Race Outside

  • Indian/Pakistani 100%
  • Blacks 80%
  • Latinos 60%
  • Asians 50%
  • Caucasians 30%

Caucasian Men by Class Outside

  • Elites [I know a super rich bastard when I see him, it is in the walk] 10%
  • Affluent 60%
  • Working 10%
  • Criminal [junky, panhandler] 80% [criminal blacks mask at 100%]

Masked Babies Outside

  • Blacks 50%

No one else does this shit.

Mask Nazis Bullying the Unmasked, of 11 Incidents

  • Caucasian 8
  • Black 2
  • Indian/Pakistani 1 based on percentage encountered, this is at Caucasian levels

Gay Fist Bump, Instead of Handshake

  • Adopted by roughly half of Caucasian men, meaning that this shamdemic has had more adverse effect on masculine culture than all other influence over 400 years. The handshake is dead as a social bonding device.
  • Elbow bumping is only at about 20% and even more lame.

Employee Advertising Mask Graphics

  • Medical, government, and corporate graphics show masked model employees as a general rule, while private individual companies are usually promoting smiles.

School Activities

  • Despite state mask restrictions being lifted in Pennsylvania, both of the high schools near Pittsburgh I saw had 100% teacher and student mask compliance, with all people masking outside, even during a physical fitness walk!

In my very first shamdemic article I wrote, I declared, 15 months ago, that Brovid Jiveteen was made in a lab, was a creep state bio weapon, and would serve mainly as a System Test.

I’m no prophet. It was a no brainer to anyone who lives n the World of Is instead of the World of Should.

Told you so, bro.


  • Roughly half of Americans are now voluntary maskers, meaning that they are obsessively compliant with social norms according to media pressure alone.
  • The most media compliant populations, from most to least, are:
    • Southwest Asian
    • Criminals of all races
    • African Americans of all classes
    • Affluent Caucasians
    • Women of all races and classes

Expect these types of people to begin bullying the non-compliant according to their class behaviors.

Based on this, I expect the next few social control cycles, which have compressed from 4-year cycles to 18-months and might compress further, to focus on the persecution, alienation and submission of working class Caucasian men, who are the least media-compliant.

Understand that the System Goal is 95% media compliance, as the need to use armed force against a statistically significant portion of the population is undesirable and possibly unsustainable. 95% media compliance was attained at the height of the shamdemic. However, long term compliance will be a problem. I am confident that the overlords will figure out a way, through sports, police defunding activity, leisure and recreation, to gain 90% media compliance.

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