Healthcare workers in Quebec will have to choose between bodily autonomy and their pay.  

On Tuesday, Quebec health minister Christian Dubé told healthcare workers in the province that if they are not fully vaccinated with coronavirus injections by October 15, they will be suspended without pay.  

Dubé told the public that the new directive will apply to “everybody … 100 percent of employees.” This includes doctors, nurses, and private clinic workers, as well as midwives, medical imaging technicians, and paramedics. 

The vaccine passport system in Quebec, which went into effect last week and requires patrons to present a QR code sent to them by the government before access is granted into certain businesses, will also become stricter as a result of the new directive.    

The medical discrimination passport initially only applied to “non-essential services,” such as gyms and restaurants, but with this new mandate will now also apply to anyone visiting a hospital. A person will not be able to enter a hospital to visit a sick or dying relative if the visiting person is not vaccinated.  

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