By Helena Handbasket – August 25th 2021

If you’re one of those people who, simply by watching television, obediently dons your muzzle to go outdoors or to the shops, if you’re one of those who is afraid to stand too close to a friend or neighbour for fear of catching a sniffle, if you’re one of those people who believe the talking heads of your favourite propaganda news channel, then you are a complete moron.

If you have chosen to ignore the warnings given to you by friends and family over many years and have still gone ahead and complied with everything your despicable and evil politicians and psychopathic ‘health’ professionals have told you to do, you are nothing more than a compliant sheep on the way to the slaughterhouse and no amount of warnings will dissuade you from your self-harming course of action. Therefore, I have no pity for you. You are a lost soul in the wilderness of Hollywood magic spells and utterly delusional to have any belief that anyone in government, or associated with it in any capacity, cares about you or anyone else.

If you believe that people who have decided, through their own free will and voluminous research, not to take a dangerous, untested and proven lethal concoction misrepresented as a ‘vaccine’, should be separated from general society and denied access to services and private businesses, including food stores, you are fools who have done nothing in this regard but swallowed every lie fed to you, bent over to ‘authority’, rolled up your sleeve and had yourself injected with a lethal biological weapon.

If history ever has the opportunity to tell this story to future generations, you will be despised for your actions, your excuses will be ignored and you will be classed as a collaborator in genocide. Going along to get along will simply be viewed as abject cowardice in the face of the worst crime against humanity in the history of the human race. Your future generations, if you have any, will have no point of reference to be proud of in their lineage. They will be rightly ashamed of you.

If you think those warning you against a self-harmful course of action are ‘crazies’ and ‘conspiracy theorists’ then shame on you. You are an ignoramus ignoring people who are trying to save your life, because they actually do care whether you live or die, even if they don’t know you. They have nothing whatsoever to gain by warning you of danger, and yet, you would rather believe people with highly dubious motives and clear financial conflicts of interest and ideology reprehensible to any rational human being.

So go ahead, bend over again and again, take every booster shot sold to you as a ‘miracle cure’ every three months or less, but be aware that one of these will most likely kill you.

That is your final warning.