By Helena Handbasket – August 24th 2021

The saying goes that the pen is mightier than the sword and that words can bring down a government and tyrants alike. It is true that the writings of historical figures in the past have played major roles in toppling regimes, not always as written text but also the spoken word; Martin Luther King and Ghandi being two such examples.

Unfortunately in these times of universal deceit and control over all mainstream media, the metaphorical pen has become all but useless in this endeavour with no outlet prepared to let truth stand on its merits, instead the global media industry sells its soul to the highest bidder, generally governments who are their biggest funders. There is no heed given to any dissenting prose or TV pundit. Instead they are silenced and dismissed from their roles or simply ignored. What we have is the anti-thesis of what the media’s role in modern, so-called, democratic societies is supposed to be; the protectors of society through honest investigative reporting on every issue deemed of the public interest. As such it has failed miserably for many years in that role and its duty to the public at large, leading to its total capitulation to totalitarian diktats and blank cheques, courtesy of the beleaguered taxpayers of their respective countries.

We have been left with the empty shell of journalistic integrity, moral depravity and outright lies. Propaganda has never been so focused on a bewildered public so intensely in the history of the media industry. It is a cancer on the Earth eating away at freedom with its incessant psychological attack on the vulnerable who seem oblivious to its real intent. The terrorism of psychological warfare can be easily seen in its effect on people who for some reason have now decided willingly or otherwise to believe every fear porn based nonsense written or spewed out by the talking heads of TV news channels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with repetition, repetition, repetition the key to install abject horror stories into the minds of a deluded public.

But there is hope. These blatant lies have a timescale and each lie that is exposed simply leads to more extreme variations on the same lie until contradictions and clear fallacies come to the surface only to repeat the cycle of trying to cover up the latest blunder by inept pseudo-journalists who cannot seem to keep up with or even remember the lies they told barely a few lines ago and who blindly expose themselves for the hypocrites and liars they are without remorse or even the intelligence to realise what they’ve done. They believe themselves unworthy of reproach and the harbingers of the only authorised ‘truth’ you should believe. You, the plebs of society, have neither the intellect nor the right to question these ‘experts’ of the narrative. Those wielding the poison pens and filling the TV news screens see themselves as celebrity kings and queens in the land of credibility. Their corporate pedestal elevates them to the higher echelons of insincerity and non-existent integrity without blinking as they spew forth their latest scripted fantasy fiction for consumption by the public like a nasty headmistress berating naughty pupils. Their duplicitous smiles fool the public who feel somehow that they have a relationship with these talking heads and allow them to break into their homes and assault them through electronic, psychological warfare on their TV screens

These smiling assassins have stolen their minds with their ability to think for themselves a distant memory; more likely a generation has passed since that was even possible with grandparents the last vestiges of sanity left as a reference point for them if they even care to ponder that possibility.

But the day is coming when these talking heads’ power will wane. The brain-dead will most likely actually be dead due to numerous toxic ‘booster’ injections and fatal ‘side effects’ falsely labelled ‘variants’. Of course, there are no such things as ‘side effects’. Every aspect of physical and neurological damage caused by these toxic concoctions is doing what its intended purpose is; culling the herd of useless eaters to satisfy a small group of psychopathic degenerates who feel the world belongs to them and their type alone. We, the real people of this planet are, and have been for a very long time, deemed obsolete. They do not intend asking for volunteers to make way for them. They are simply going ahead with global genocide to achieve their goal. which is the rape and destruction of all things good on our planet despite their pathetic platitudes to the opposite.

None of this would be possible at all if the media truly were the protectors of society. No government could possibly take control if the general public were told the simple truths. There could be no police state built. There would be a functioning, coherent society built on truth and integrity.

That is why the current fiction factory whores will ultimately fail in their bamboozlement of the world. People are starting to see through the lies. Many saw through them long ago. Granted, it is still a minority, but it doesn’t take a majority to turn things around, only a sizable minority with the motivation and courage to bring the wheels of evil off the wagon and to derail it forever and never allowing it to reach its metaphorical platform heights again.

Those inebriated with power know this full well and also know that if the bolts on the wheels start to work loose and the narrative completely unravels, then their heads will roll; possibly quite literally. Personally, if this were turned around, these monsters would have to be permanently removed from the face of the planet for their heinous crimes. Nothing else would suffice. They have no right to exist in a humane, peace loving world. Again, they know this. The rage and desire for revenge by the public worldwide would be unstoppable, and it needs to come about.

The mainstream media is a poisoned chalice for those embedded in it and simply going along for the ride. The slave wage is no excuse for their treachery either.

They are complicit in genocide.

They know that they are lying to the public they pretend to serve. They know that large numbers saw through those lies long ago and more are starting to question the narrative. All it takes is enough to open their eyes, whereby their positions are untenable and their bogus narrative is expunged to the trashcan of history. The dam of lies will burst and the public will have their revenge on these diseased whores who have cost them everything.

The mighty sword of public wrath will fall on their necks and it won’t be a blunt instrument.