The author and activist with “a decade’s worth of expertise at being a ‘professional pervert,’” said a new teacher was impressed with how much the 3- to 5-year-olds in her class had imbibed radical gender ideology.

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A preschool teacher and self-described “Sex Educator for the 21st century” bragged about indoctrinating small children into radical ideas about “gender,” “skin color,” and “consent” in a Tik Tok video which Tennessee congressional candidate Robby Starbuck says makes the case for school choice.

The preschool teacher, who goes by the name “Koe Creation,” uses third-person plural pronouns and describes herself as “non-binary.”

In her Tik Tok video she said this has been her first year teaching her own preschool class, which she does alongside “another queer neurodivergent educator.”

The author and activist, whose straight-faced Amazon biography says she was raised in “a sex-positive, polyamous family and subsequent communities in Seattle, Washington” and has “a decade’s worth of expertise at being a ‘professional pervert,’” said in the video that a new teacher is set to join her teaching team.

According to “Koe,” the new teacher has been impressed with the degree to which the 3- to 5-year old children in “Koe’s” class had imbibed radical gender ideology.

“So today at the lunch table, when the topic of gender and genitals came up,” the preschool teacher said, “one of our students plainly looked up and said, ‘well, I’m a girl today, but I know that teacher Koe isn’t. No, they’re NB [non-binary].’”

“And the look on the incoming teacher’s face was priceless,” she continued, adding that the new teacher “was shocked in a good way” and told “Koe” and her colleague, “this class is incredible and I am so impressed.”

Tennessee congressional candidate Robby Starbuck, who has made school choice a central focus of his campaign, shared the video on Twitter, writing, “This nut could end up being your child’s teacher and you wouldn’t even find out the craziness they’re teaching until your kid tells you about it.”

“If you aren’t disturbed after watching this, you’re a lunatic,” Starbuck said, adding that “[s]chool choice is the civil rights issue of our generation.”

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