Our civilization is under the grip of Christ-hating parasites. While I’ve never feared they’re going to win, I find myself worrying about how badly we’re going to lose. They’ve got a lot of bad ideas and the power to make us try them out. Consequently, it’s difficult to figure out what point we’re at on this of path self-destruction they’re racing down without any self-awareness.

Identity Dixie – Tom Shackleford  –

Case in point, the Afghanistan project has turned out to be a rapid and humiliating failure. They lost. But how many of us lost family and friends in the service of their ambitions? When this kicked off 20 years ago, did any of us know what an opioid crisis looked like up close?

16 years ago, I marched in Bush’s second inaugural. When we did our eyes-right at the reviewing stand, everyone was smiling and laughing with each other. Dick Cheney was the only one I noticed paying serious attention.

It was all fun and games in DC and yet all these soldiers were lying in the ground across the river in Arlington or horrifically maimed in hospital beds nearby. All the people who’d dispatched them on a fool’s errand were right here, and why should they care beyond the usual pious gestures? You’re just cannon fodder. I knew the U.S. military was no place for me.

For the people of Afghanistan, I wish them all the best but I don’t really care beyond wishing they stop growing opium. Under the perverse doctrine of America, wanting to leave people alone in their own countries rather than bombing them and bringing them here makes one a hateful extremist. But, if we were in charge, nobody would be getting bombed at all.

I’ve never understood the logic of telling girls that we don’t like the retrograde patriarchal views of their fathers, so therefore we’re going to drop explosives on their village. It doesn’t make any sense, but then again it’s not supposed to make sense. It’s just boilerplate nonsense for politicians to recite.

Back then, I didn’t know of any community to discuss the particular set of discontentments we articulate here on the Dissident Right. If you went online, it was tough to find much of anything except for anti-social retards who think they look cool wearing plastic stahlhelms. I had a set of strong and specific opinions that didn’t travel well in polite society so I just kept them to myself.

A couple years later, that chapter of my life was in the rearview but it wasn’t for many of my friends. I found out that one was blown up with his convoy outside Kandahar. I wasn’t anywhere close to where the service was held but I remember thinking how rough it would be to attend and have to see his two young kids who I’d met at a cookout in better days. He was a great leader, but they’ll miss him the most. They paid a very heavy price for this war.

From the account I read, another died very bravely shooting it out with insurgents during an ambush. At a bachelor party last year, we were doing shots and someone raised a glass to do a toast for him. His best friend whom he’d grown up with broke down and started sobbing. They were like brothers, and he’s got a hole in his heart that he hasn’t been able to heal.

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Identity Dixie