Color me skeptical when a menagerie of proven liars demands that I accept a new set of deceits of even greater absurdity than everything they were previously peddling.

Tom Shackleford – Identity Dixie –

We’re currently being told that vaccines are the only way out of a global pandemic. In fact, we’re being subjected to experimental gene therapy that’s clearly not halting COVID. Moreover, any virus that can keep mutating and also spread to animals cannot be eradicated. In other words, it’s all disingenuous nonsense to further an ulterior motive. This is their MO.

Case in point, it looks like Kabul will be a repeat of Saigon in the near future. A few months after 9/11, Frum coined the term “Axis of Evil” for Bush.  There’s no more credible proof that COVID warrants destroying people’s lives than we were offered for the weapons of mass destruction and global Islamic terror threat used to justify decades of Zionist warfare.

Furthermore, it’s plain to see that whatever constructive results they purport will be achieved end up being catastrophic. Afghanistan was supposed to be built into a thriving, stable democracy. Iraq, Libya, and Syria were already stable but they were going to be steamrollered into U.S. allies and bastions of our values. The same thing could be true for these miracle substances we’re supposed to take without worrying about any risks.

There’s a pattern we’ve been experiencing from these same people for decades. I’d wager it’s of excellent predictive value:

They lie to us about an existential threat

No plausible evidence is provided, only hysteria

We implement their plan

That goes very badly for us

The end result is nothing like what they said would happen.

I’d say they’re the beneficiaries of nepotism and full of hubris, but not completely incompetent. That’s why this time around they’re pushing censorship and coercion on a scale that would’ve been unthinkable just a couple of years ago.

They’ve realized the same group of people can’t keep swindling another group of people over and over again. At some point in this process, everyone from that other group who objects is going to have to be censored and deprived of the ability to live or things are going to go very bad for the swindlers. This appears to be where we’re at right now.

Last year, we were told that vaccine passports are a conspiracy theory, but that’s what’s being rolled out in big cities as we speak. A “conspiracy theory” as defined by these people is anything that they say isn’t going to happen, but is happening in front of our eyes.

What this vaccine passport business seems to be is your entry level into the formalized social credit system. The boosters will be an annual affirmation that you’re not going off the reservation. Without these jabs as a token of your acquiescence to their malevolent BS, you can’t even going on living your life while being graded for the quality of your compliance. It was inevitable that it would escalate into something of this nature.

The real question is if they can get away with it. They’re possessed of a murderous hubris that seems satanic in nature, so it’s quite possible they’re going way too far with this stuff. War on TV financed with printed money was one thing. This is a whole new level.

Identity Dixie