By Helena Handbasket – August 9th 2021

As things stand, many of us have only seemingly lost the right of free movement. On closer examination we must understand that we have lost far more.

When lies and censorship are rampant throughout governments and state sponsored media outlets across the world, it becomes pretty evident that we have lost any hope of truth from either source. We have lost trust in those who claim to be the defenders of our ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom’. They are simply connected links in the chains of our enslavement.

And should we complain about either institution, we will find that we have also lost our right to free speech and honest discourse on any issue not approved, and our voices will not be heard other than within our own sphere of influence online, or on rare occasions, independent print newspapers, which again will generally only circulate within our own activist groups.

Many have lost their jobs and businesses whilst the corporate machine rakes in profits upon profits at their expense as we have lost the wide range of choice in what we purchase, and from where, as we are forced more and more into corporate outlets.

As such, many have lost their ability to earn money to supply the needs of their family and now rely on government (taxpayer’s) subsidies for their very survival. They have lost the means by which they can look after themselves. On the other side of the fence, those who had nothing much in the first place, the career benefit scroungers, due to their own idleness, have earned more than they did previously due to the same subsidies being afforded to them. They have lost all that remained of their pride and morality, if they had any to begin with.

The masses have lost the ability to think for themselves, instead relying on media and government to think for them. They have lost all sense of the rational and logical as their minds have been stolen by well-crafted propaganda and brain manipulation techniques by media and government, colluding to ensure compliance among the general population who have no idea that they are victims of a psychological attack. They have lost the ability to protect their minds by adhering to diktats and have given in to unfounded fears.

Many have lost their lives; suicide is rampant across the world and yet people have lost all sense of compassion for these victims of the above mentioned psychological attack which those already suffering mental stresses have found too hard to bear.

Society, in general, has lost any hope that things will get better as they continue to consume the constant flow of lies and propaganda without questioning any of it, and with it, any semblance of a free society, built upon the merits of free speech and the rights of the individual.

We are now dangerously close to even losing the right to our own bodily integrity with mandatory ‘vaccination‘ being rolled out.

All of this has come about because a majority in society have lost the ability to think for themselves. All of the issues above would be remedied if the masses stopped and thought, even briefly, of what has been done to them over the past 18 months and actually asked themselves the question: “Was it worth it?”

The answer, to any rational, thinking person would have to be a resounding “NO!”

But we’re not dealing with rational, thinking people.

How much are they willing to lose before they realise that they have lost everything? Will they ever regain their ability to even think rationally?

Are they willing to be locked down in some form of permanent imprisonment within a specified zone? That’s already happening in some countries where three mile limits have been imposed as the furthest boundary of travel from your home.

Are they willing to lose their private transport as Agenda 2030 gets closer and they find out they won’t be allowed to have any access to vehicles other than those authorised to transport them within the confines of their ‘zone’? They won’t be able to afford the ‘solution’, and proven to be useless, electric car.

Are they willing to hand over all private property to the state, which includes their family home, again as outlined in Agenda 21/30?

Are they willing to hand over their children?

Or as Klaus Schwab would have it at the World Economic Forum, will they be happy owning nothing?

I can assure you that owning nothing will certainly not make you happy. Owning nothing means you have lost everything, including your mind and body, your autonomy and everything you hold dear.

It that a price worth paying when your only reward is your total enslavement?

A message to the liars and thieves in the media and government

Nobody other than yourself should have to fight for your right to own your life. That is a choice you have to make. You have to take responsibility and stop acting like a dependent child on tyrants, liars and propagandists to inform your opinion.

You quite simply need to wise up, grow up and take back everything that’s been stolen from you by any means possible!