The Irish Defence Forces Choose A Side

Gary Jordan (Irish Sentinel Contributer)

When a member of an organization that is most renowned for its child trafficking operations and rampant paedophilia begins to propose measures in the name of public health, you know that something is not quite right in the nation.

On Saturday morning, a multitude of livid social media users in Ireland posted screenshots from a member of the Irish military, Gavin Delaney, who proposed imprisoning unvaccinated Irish people in camps, stripping them of ‘the rest of their freedoms’ and referring to them as ‘2nd class citizens.’

It is as yet unclear whether Delaney was posting this as an independent person voicing his opinion or was instead part of Irish military intelligence agitation and deception operations. God knows, there is nothing the Globalist sell-outs of the island’s establishment would want more than to foment deeper division among the population, leading to civil war and destruction, thus giving them their opportunity to ‘Build Back Better’. A mindless buffoon like Delaney seems the perfect tool to be used in that case. There is very little daylight between members of the Irish Army and mind-controlled zombies. They exist exclusively to further the agendas of their foreign masters. Posts on Delaney’s now-restricted Facebook page prove this, as he proudly speaks of his time in the Golan Heights, where it can be assumed he committed himself to protecting the interests of Zionist Israel. Back in Ireland in 2021 though, he can be found stabbing his fellow native in the back, as he calls for their rights to be stripped. If there was ever a treasonous saphead and a traitor who will turn his back on his nation, in favour of an imperialistic Chabad Lubavitch cult, then Delaney is it. Israeli war crimes and illegal occupation will never cease, as long as there are useful Irish goyim such as he. His links with the nation of Hasbara disseminators and trolls leave no doubt as to where he studied his craft as an internet provocateur.

Due to the indoctrination, it is hard to say if there is any difference between the scripts prepared for Irish army personnel and what they believe, in their minds, is their own analytical logically-deduced assessment. Regardless, a member of Ireland’s Defence Forces advocated for modern-day gulags for the unjabbed. That is all we need to know at this point.

I would say that they could not stoop any lower, but in actual fact, the Irish military has stooped much, much lower than even this in the past. This is why there are many parts of Delaney’s rant that I can agree with. Camps for second class citizens are not a bad idea – as long as those camps are occupied by castrated abusers of women and children, such as those who infest Ireland’s armed forces. The term ‘second class citizen’ however may be too generous for the vile, perverse deviants who are to be found in Ireland’s army base and military training facility in The Curragh, County Kildare. Witness and whistleblower testimonies have sufficiently shown that the place is plagued and overrun with degenerate vermin who are instrumental in the most horrific of sexual assaults on women and children. These are the type of lowly scumbags – Delaney’s colleagues – who should be locked away permanently in the back of beyond, never to be allowed to participate in society again.

The chances of that happening though, when we consider that Ireland’s Justice System consists of a paedophile-protection squad, is very slim.

A recent report in the Irish Daily Mirror described the claims of an Irish Defence Forces whistleblower as being the ‘tip of the iceberg’. The article refers to the evidence and assertions of former Sergeant, Anthony O’Brien, who has brought to attention the systemic child sex abuse and the litany of horrors perpetrated by soldiers on the most vulnerable in our community. O’Brien has revealed how children were ‘passed from one abuser to another’ and how more than 40 individuals have come forward to present written statements detailing the vile acts they were subjected to. A further 30 have contacted him on top of this to speak out of their ordeal. It is evident that the disgraced force has had a culture of rape and abuse at its base in Co. Kildare dating back to the 1970s. There are accounts of children as young as seven years old falling victim to the filthy criminals that have occupied the camp. Many of these children would go on to suffer severe psychological trauma and some have attempted suicide. A retired Lieutenant Colonel who worked as a psychiatrist with the Defence Forces has also initiated contact with Anthony and detailed how he was inundated with visits from victims of sexual abuse during his time with the army. Another lady revealed to Anthony how she, her sister and her brother were all abused in the residential quarters of the cesspit. Others have spoken out of been raped by senior ranking officers and later been ignored when they reported the attacks. Even Anthony tells of the sexual assaults he suffered and the subsequent intimidation he received when he reported the horrific attacks to his senior in command. For generations, this beastly, demonic and depraved mentality has existed in the Irish military.

And nothing has changed.

Anthony O’Brien

Delaney’s comments are considered even more deplorable when we consider what some of his associates have been up to more recently, as they have manned the gates of Ireland’s Fascist COVID quarantine hotels. It can be assumed that his desired ‘camps for the unjabbed’ will be overseen by the lecherous perverts of the force he works for. The thought of this should make one shudder as recent revelations further highlight the twisted minds of the despots of the Irish Defence Force, with reports circulating of the rape of a young female soldier by one of her debased, blockhead coworkers stationed at a Dublin city-centre hotel. The nefarious traditions of the Irish military show no sign of disappearing as the brains of Delaney’s miscreant confreres consistently fail to rise above their waist and their morals and ethics remain missing in action.

How ironic then that a useful tool of the Zionist and Globalist cartels, one from the ranks of this swamp of demented paedophiles and sex offenders, wants to dictate what becomes of unvaccinated individuals in the nation? It should surprise no one that Delaney and his like do not believe that what you do with your body is your choice. Many men who have worn the same uniform as he does have proven that autonomy over one’s own body is not a principle they adhere to. This has been made very clear by them throughout the years as they sodomized and raped young kids.

What else would we expect from Delaney, when he is part of a contaminated gutter of debauchery and spends a career submerged in a septic tank full of iniquity and immorality? Diseased, hedonistic surroundings will soon have an effect.

As the political parasites, doing the bidding of billionaires, continue to wage war on the people of Ireland, we should not expect that this cavalry of armed rapists will come to the rescue. It is no surprise that they have turned a blind eye to the destruction of Irish businesses, the medical tyranny, the removal of liberties and the devastation of the country as a whole. We cannot expect spineless cretins like Gavin Delaney to step forward and denounce the authoritarianism and criminality that is sweeping Ireland. Like Ireland’s police force, An Garda Siochana, who choose to harass and arrest elderly ladies for their refusal to be masked instead of the white-collar gangsters that are laying waste of the Emerald Isle, the Irish Defence Forces are in no way concerned about the well-being of the freedom-loving people of this nation. We cannot expect them to act in our favour.

As malevolent villains rapidly turn their attention to the children of our nation and strive to have them injected with poison by any means necessary, we cannot expect the Irish military to even bat an eyelid. They will ignore the human rights abuses. They will neglect their duty to protect the citizenry, as they watch breaches of the Nuremberg Code and the Helsinki Declaration occur before their eyes.

As we enter the next chapter of the COVID-19 hoax and watch the dregs of our establishment and the bought-and-paid-for media talking heads coerce and force our children to undergo dangerous unapproved medical procedures, we can expect our military to be silent. The odds that they will come to the aid of a people under siege plummeted further as Gavin Delaney chose his place in the war against the native population. But, once again, we should not be surprised.

We cannot expect the Irish army to come to the rescue of the nation’s children when it is that very same army that has raped, abused and defiled many of them for decades. These nonces are the last people we can expect to protect Ireland’s kids.

The Irish Defence Forces, comprised of leeches like Gavin Delaney and the warped sickos among his ranks, far from coming to save us, have instead demonstrated that they are the latest in a long list of Irish institutions to have declared war on their own people.

Gary Jordan

Author – The COVID-19 Illusion; A Cacophony of Lies