By Helena Handbasket – August 5th 2021

I know many of you reading this will have been exasperated by the nonsensical, illogical arguments and outright stupidity of those around us who continue to buy into the greatest hoax ever sold.

The accumulative lies upon lies espoused by those in positions of authority and power, is off the scale and makes the arch propagandists of Nazi Germany and the Soviets choirboys by comparison. Then there are the ‘experts’, such as Anthony ‘Fakey’ Fauci and ‘philanthropists’ such as Bill ‘the Kid Killer’ Gates,  both pathological lying fiends, who get richer by the second whilst the ordinary plebs Gates claims to want to save lose everything, including their lives, whilst their bogus advice and claims have no basis in any science other than the pseudoscience of eugenics. They have now been exposed for what they are involved in; an agenda which has nothing to do with any ‘virus’ and everything to do with control and population reduction to make such control over the remaining slave population so much easier for a diabolical, psychopathic cabal posing as some exemplary form of human species, a self-titled ‘elite’.

They are in fact the lowest form of humanity and I would suggest the whole animal kingdom combined. They are the diabolical destroyers of everything good about humanity and the planet we live on.

To paraphrase Max Igan recently, this has now gone from a non-existent pandemic to now become somewhat of an IQ test.

Personally, I think many are lost already. They have decided, either through fear, ignorance or pure psychological manipulation or succumbed to internal and external pressures without understanding why and taken the lethal injection promoted and profited from by the same diabolical cabal claiming to want to save lives whilst telling us there are too many people around. Go figure. They have been brainwashed.

What do you do when those around you cannot see through the lies and deceit of talking heads on TV or print media liars masquerading as journalists as they spew lies after lies to their readers without an iota of conscience? Or should that read con-science? Because let’s face it. There is no science being put forward here that a first year student couldn’t rip apart in 10 minutes, from the fake tests to the fake numbers of cases, to the fake deaths attributed to a virus nobody can find and variants which also cannot even be tested for and again therefore cannot be found. And yet, the Delta variant is apparently ravaging the planet with no explanation from anyone in the cabal as to how this is a known fact.

The fact is, it’s just another lie to keep the fraud going and ensure more drastic lockdowns and assaults on perfectly healthy people as they’re branded the great unwashed masses, or as the label goes, unvaccinated.

But you can’t be vaccinated or unvaccinated if the medical intervention being promoted by pathological liars and being paid for by all taxpayers across the globe isn’t even a vaccine in the first place by any definition.

Vaccine passports are not the ultimate goal of this global crime, they are simply another branch of the agenda towards a Social Credit system similar to that in Communist china, which was always the model these globalist criminals wanted to implement in the so-called ‘Western Democracies’ which never really existed either. Looking at how your rights have been abused is all you should need to know to work that out.

Unfortunately as previously mentioned, the majority just simply can’t seem to work anything out, regardless of simple facts put before them.

I see protests over vaccine passports as a recognition that people have given up ground. That cannot happen.

I think we need to keep pressing the point that this whole house of cards is built on one simple fraud.


If that is brought down then the whole modus operandi collapses and these totalitarian despots will have to show their hands and brutally crack down on all societies that expose the PCR fraud.

It may well be too late for the injected, but that is all that will awaken the majority of the poisoned masses who would surely demand justice and compensation for crimes committed against them…

The Great Revenge