Ken Moore – Catholic Arena.

Tonight was supposed to be a fun night in for the girlos of the Repeal the 8th movement, which stripped Irish babies of the right to be born and has killed around 15,000 of them already.

Instead, a dark cloud has descended over the largely middle class movement, as its two leaders Leo Varadkar and Katherine Zappone are embroiled in a scandal over the latter’s appointment to a lucrative fake role and both of their attendances at a social gathering at a Dublin Hotel.

Varadkar could barely contain his contempt last month when he spat ‘Yeah they’re off’ at Catholics regarding Communions and Confirmations. His disdain was played down by the media, as he was spotted attending several outdoor events for Dublin Pride, even as pro Varadkar journalists contemptuously warned clergy that Communions could ‘risk lives’.

The whole thing started to unravel last week however, as a number of bishops signalled their intentions to defy Varadkar’s edict, which was the straw that broke the camel’s back in this instance. After a year of events such as having Gardai surround a village where Mass was taking place, storming a church in Athlone and many individual cases of Gardai visiting priests because single digits of extra mourners had attended funerals, enough was enough.

The move coincided with pro censorship Biden campaigner Zappone being appointed to a made up role of Free Speech Czar, where she would be paid tens of thousands of euro for 60 hours work a year. Bilderberg member Simon Coveney, who spent much of the past few weeks dropping in for tea to leaders in Africa (yes, really), claimed that it was a real job, but only exacerbated public outrage.

Now, the story has taken on a whole new dimension, with reports of both attending a Zappone centric event at a Dublin hotel alongside 50 others, which is not permitted under Covid rules.

The story has flattened the triumphant mood of Ireland’s abortion lobby, who were hoping that tonight’s Soros funded film The 8th would recreate the joyous mood that they had celebrating removing a baby’s right to live in Dublin Castle in May 2018.

Zappone and Varadkar were the heroes of that day. One part Indian, gay and Protestant educated, one American and a Lesbian, it was seen as the birth of a new Ireland.

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