As any ad pro will attest, emotional manipulation is the centerpiece of effective marketing. If the seller can get the prospective buyer to feel the proper feelings, critical analysis can be chucked aside.

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People naturally crave fulfillment, wholeness, self-actualization; if an ad can package and brand itself to that end, the advertisers already won the war:

Advertisements appeal to emotion rather than reason. Promotional material for a sleeping medication might show friends enjoying dinner together or a father engaged in family activities rather than focusing on the product itself. Ads are designed to remove thinking from the equation.”

The desired financial transaction then follows.

The ad industry in the US alone generated $138 billion in 2019. The profits for ad agencies increase steadily at a clip of $5-10 billion year after year.

Source: Statista

Businesses invest heavily in advertising because it works to draw customers in.

The auto industry appeals to a deep-seated desire for love.


Buy a Honda, win hearts, and find love.

The fast-food industry uses the same emotional appeal tactic.

Additive-laden industrial food preparations = happiness, childhood joy, familial harmony (at $2.79, a small price to pay)

Intimate human bonds are repackaged as commodities to be bought and sold on the open market.

Johnson and Johnson speaks the ‘language of love.’

And, of course, the gender industry – comprised of pharmaceutical corporations, for-profit hospitals, medical associations, etc. — appeals to the customer’s [read: potential patient’s] emotions.

In this way, compassion is weaponized into word-salads chock full of meaningless jargon intended to confuse the reader into conflating true empathy with bovine-like acceptance of the transgender movement writ large.

“Diversity,” “inclusion,” “acceptance,” “compassion,” “empathy” – using these rhetorical devices, the transgender movement (and the industry that backs it) lay the battle lines: on the one side, there are trans “allies” that exhibit love and compassion. On the other side of the fence are hateful, myopic bigots.

This framing permeates to the highest levels of power in American society. Urging Congress to pass the so-called “Equality Act” during his April 28th State of the Union address, President Joe Biden took a page out the weaponized empathy playbook:

“To all the transgender Americans watching at home — especially the young people, who are so brave — I want you to know that your president has your back.”

This rhetorical tool trickles down into every facet of society, including into public schools where “transgender” is now a protected identity:

“A welcoming and supportive school where bullying and teasing is not permitted and children are actively taught to respect and celebrate difference is the ideal environment for all children. This is especially true for gender-variant and transgender children, who frequently are the targets of teasing and bullying. A child cannot feel emotionally safe, and will most likely experience problems in learning, if they regularly experience discrimination at school.”

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