By Helena Handbasket – August 2nd 2021

It strikes me that once sane people, people I thought would know better, have caved into societal or peer pressure, either provided at great expense to themselves through the media talking heads on their 100 inch super plasma goggle boxes or by apparent friends who claim they can’t go for coffee with them anymore because they’re likely to catch Covid-19 from an ‘unvaccinated’ friend, regardless of the fact that they believe they’re protected by the very same toxic injection.

These people are despicable cowards with the mental aptitude of a concrete block; the concrete block being of far more use than these people’s brains. They are simply parrots of mainstream narrative, so much so that they have voluntarily taken part in the most dangerous medical experiment in the history of humankind, although their Godlike media didn’t tell them that. But in my humble opinion, the experiments were done a long time ago and they know exactly what the effects will be, as was the narrative to justify the current course of world events.

These fools have had themselves injected by a substance untested in any way for its short or long-term effects, has had no animal testing and they have been given no factual evidence as to what exactly it will do to them. And yet, because criminals such as Bill Gates and Tony Fauci told them to get it, that’s good enough for them.

I spoke very briefly to one of these fools just the other day who tried to convince me that masks work to prevent the deadly and yet illusive Covid-19 virus. This clown was sitting in a small bar with at least 20 other human beings, many like myself ‘unvaccinated’ and obviously none of us wearing masks. They could not see the irony of this but continued to try to convince me that masks and ‘vaccines’ were the only way to get back to ‘normal’. When challenged on this with the simple fact that the mask packaging tells the reader that they don’t protect against viruses, they started to rant at which point my patience was stretched and I told them to stop talking crap and leave me alone. (That’s the polite version) End of conversation.

But it struck me that these people really do believe the nonsense that comes out of the mouths of TV liars and even their own mouths to such an extent that they are determined to deny basic logic and facts, instead resorting to the repetition of talking points from the MSM and inevitably insults when challenged on such idiocy.

But they believe they’re right in much the same fashion as the mad zealots of the Church of Global Warming will attack any dissenting voice regardless of scientific fact and logic. But then again, it’s the same anti-human cult which has been inflicted upon these people who seem to be susceptible to any scare story put out by ‘experts’ and who will proclaim their allegiance to it unreservedly whilst claiming to be God fearing Christians whilst they worship at the altar of a treacherous government.

What is wrong with these people? Why do they so easily get sucked into lunacy?

Perhaps their obsession with TV news has a lot to do with it. They just love their scary scenarios and believe the fiction over fact. Without their addiction to the screen there would be no ‘pandemic’ visible to them. The bodies are not piling up in the streets, yet. The only visible sign that there is this mythical ‘pandemic’ are the virtue signalling mask wearers like themselves, the great washed as they believe themselves to be, with people like myself and others viewed as a threat to their utopian fantasy. And fantasy it is with every utopia that’s ever been promoted ending in mass slaughter; this one will be no different.

But perhaps there’s another reason why people willingly allow themselves to be given what is an experimental lethal injection; many dying shortly after taking it and no doubt many more will follow in the weeks, months and years to come. The genocidal monsters of ‘population control’ are indeed having their way. The world is being primed for mass death under the smokescreen of Covid-19.

Many have already committed suicide due to the deliberate destruction of their lives, their jobs and businesses; gone forever, and their relationships collapsing at an alarming rate, not to mention the brutality being inflicted on the most vulnerable in society; our children.

Perhaps those taking the poison injections see no future and think to themselves, “What does it matter if it kills me? I’ve nothing much to live for anyway.

Are we witnessing a suicide cult? Has the media done the job of creating such a cult through television in particular? Has it been weaponised to such a degree that it has been used to brainwash billions across the planet to believe that there really is no future?

We’ve all seen the dystopian movies and read the books but the real books, the books and writings of the population control cabal, are the real horror stories of our time, because they mean it and they’re doing it.

Culling the herd is a term often used by these monsters to refer to the useless eaters who they view as parasites feeding on their resources and have no qualms about letting us know what they intend to do to us. Simply reading their own words should be enough to convince anyone of their intent.

In the UK it couldn’t be more obvious. All we need do is read the words of Boris Johnson and his father Stanley Johnson; both population control freaks.

In one of Stanley Johnson’s books, the introduction reads:

“Action on the population front means somehow trying to slow down or even halt this rate of growth by reducing the number of babies who are born each year. The alternative to this, both pessimists and optimists are agreed, is inevitable. If the number of new births cannot be reduced, the number of deaths each year must increase until the net growth of the world’s population is cut down to a more manageable number. This business of an increase in the death rate is not, of course, attractive. The recipes – which include thermonuclear war, global famine, plague and a newly discovered horror called ‘ecocatastrophe’ are all unpalatable. At the same time, the task of achieving a reduction in the global birth rate (which I call population control for the sake of simplicity) though clearly more death is also a form of population control.”

Stanley Johnson, The Population Problem, 1973

Not to be outdone, his son and ultra-hypocritical father of six children with another on the way, Boris Johnson, the current Prime Minister of Britain, wrote the following in a Daily Telegraph article on October 25th 2007 very much in the same context as his evil father:

Global over-population is the real issue.

It is a tragic measure of how far the world has changed – and the infinite capacity of modern man for taking offence – that there are no two subjects that can get you more swiftly into political trouble than motherhood and apple pie.

The last time I tentatively suggested that there was something to be said in favour of apple pie, I caused a frenzy of hatred in the healthy-eating lobby. It reached such a pitch that journalists were actually pelting me with pies, and demanding a retraction, and an apology, and a formal denunciation of the role of apple pie in causing obesity.

As for motherhood – the fertility of the human race – we are getting to the point where you simply can’t discuss it, and we are thereby refusing to say anything sensible about the biggest single challenge facing the Earth; and no, whatever it may now be conventional to say, that single biggest challenge is not global warming. That is a secondary challenge. The primary challenge facing our species is the reproduction of our species itself.

Depending on how fast you read, the population of the planet is growing with every word that skitters beneath your eyeball. There are more than 211,000 people being added every day, and a population the size of Germany every year.

As someone who has now been travelling around the world for decades, I see this change, and I feel it. You can smell it in the traffic jams of the Middle East. You can see it as you fly over Africa at night, and you see mile after mile of fires burning red in the dark, as the scrub is removed to make way for human beings.

You can see it in the satellite pictures of nocturnal Europe, with the whole place lit up like a fairground. You can see it in the crazy dentition of the Shanghai skyline, where new skyscrapers are going up round the clock.

You can see it as you fly over Mexico City, a vast checkerboard of smog-bound, low-rise dwellings stretching from one horizon to the other; and when you look down on what we are doing to the planet, you have a horrifying vision of habitations multiplying and replicating like bacilli in a Petri dish.

The world’s population is now 6.7 billion, roughly double what it was when I was born. If I live to be in my mid-eighties, then it will have trebled in my lifetime.

The UN last year revised its forecasts upwards, predicting that there will be 9.2 billion people by 2050, and I simply cannot understand why no one discusses this impending calamity, and why no world statesmen have the guts to treat the issue with the seriousness it deserves.

How the hell can we witter on about tackling global warming, and reducing consumption, when we are continuing to add so relentlessly to the number of consumers? The answer is politics, and political cowardice.

There was a time, in the 1960s and 1970s, when people such as my father, Stanley, were becoming interested in demography, and the UN would hold giant conferences on the subject, and it was perfectly respectable to talk about saving the planet by reducing the growth in the number of human beings.

But over the years, the argument changed, and certain words became taboo, and certain concepts became forbidden, and we have reached the stage where the very discussion of overall human fertility – global motherhood – has become more or less banned.

We seem to have given up on population control, and all sorts of explanations are offered for the surrender. Some say Indira Gandhi gave it all a bad name, by her demented plan to sterilise Indian men with the lure of a transistor radio.

Some attribute our complacency to the Green Revolution, which seemed to prove Malthus wrong. It became the received wisdom that the world’s population could rise to umpteen billions, as mankind learnt to make several ears of corn grow where one had grown before.

And then, in recent years, the idea of global population control has been more or less stifled by a pincer movement from the Right and the Left. American Right-wingers disapprove of anything that sounds like birth control, and so George W. Bush withholds the tiny contribution America makes to the UN Fund for Population Activities, regardless of the impact on the health of women in developing countries.

As for the Left, they dislike suggestions of population control because they seem to smack of colonialism and imperialism and telling the Third World what to do; and so we have reached the absurd position in which humanity bleats about the destruction of the environment, and yet there is not a peep in any communiqué from any summit of the EU, G8 or UN about the population growth that is causing that destruction.

The debate is surely now unavoidable. Look at food prices, driven ever higher by population growth in India and China. Look at the insatiable Chinese desire for meat, which has pushed the cost of feed so high that Vladimir Putin has been obliged to institute price controls in the doomed fashion of Diocletian or Edward Heath.

Even in Britain, chicken farmers are finding that the cost of chickenfeed is no longer exactly chickenfeed, and, though the food crisis may once again be solved by the wit of man, the damage to the environment may be irreversible.

It is time we had a grown-up discussion about the optimum quantity of human beings in this country and on this planet. Do we want the south-east of Britain, already the most densely populated major country in Europe, to resemble a giant suburbia?

This is not, repeat not, an argument about immigration per se, since in a sense it does not matter where people come from, and with their skill and their industry, immigrants add hugely to the economy.

This is a straightforward question of population, and the eventual size of the human race.

All the evidence shows that we can help reduce population growth, and world poverty, by promoting literacy and female emancipation and access to birth control. Isn’t it time politicians stopped being so timid, and started talking about the real number one issue

Does that sound familiar? Does it sound like now? Does he mean it and is he actually doing it, and if so, how is he doing it?

Isn’t it obvious?