Catholic Arena –

As they take their holidays this weekend, the Irish government have reacted angrily to efforts by Catholics to host First Communions and Confirmations for children.

A number of bishops have already signalled their intention to proceed with these, having had to change plans at the last minute repeatedly, including when Leo Varadkar cruelly announced ‘Yeah they’re off’, when asked about them at the end of a recent interview. That insult, deliberate or not, appears to have been the final straw for the bishops, as it coincided with clips of Leo Varadkar celebrating ‘Dublin Pride’ on the streets of Dublin.

Now, the angry responses from Micheal Martin ring hollow with images of another Pride event being ignored by the government. Those images came from Red FM, who organised a surreal drag show in the presence of children in Cork this past week.

The event called ‘Heels on Wheels’ was organised by Cork’s Red FM and involved Drag Queens travelling to a number of homes to eh, perform.

Red FM’s Facebook stated:

We had great fun last night joining Cork Pride in surprising five happy households with Heels on Wheels, an outdoor performance from some of Cork’s favourite drag queens

The children present looked objectively terrified, as many on social media noted.

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