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Read any news paper, listen to any radio station or TV broadcast and you will hear about the “Unvaccinated”.
Politicians, media pundits and heath advisors are all using the term. But others view this term as derogatory and a sign of the growing inequality that is dividing the Irish community and Irish families.

Life is definitely taking a turn for the worst for Irish People who are not willing, ready or able to take an experimental vaccine for moral, ethical, health or safety reasons.

Take the Sun newspaper’s heading published this week “DELTA OUTBREAKS Top Covid hotspot Carndonagh’s rate soars to nearly 2,000 as unvaccinated urged to cancel summer holidays abroad”

Or check out Newstalk’s headline “Unvaccinated people should cancel international travel plans – Prof Philip Nolan”

Then there’s RTE’s headline “Unvaccinated tourists will not be allowed into Canada for some time”.

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Claims made that calling a healthy person “unvaccinated” is a form of inequality and harassment perpetrated by the media, political classes and health advisors on those who for moral, ethical, health or safety reasons do not wish to take “an experimental vaccine”