Openly discriminates against unvaxxed by ordering them to sit outside.

Summit News – Paul Joseph Watson –

A branch of Costa Coffee in Ireland is demanding customers show proof of vaccination and a photo ID if they wish to enter the shop.

Yes, really.

A notice posted in the window of one of the company’s branches in the town of Killarney tells customers, “proof of immunity,” consisting of either an EU digital COVID certificate, a HSE vaccination card or “proof they have recovered from COVID-19.”

In addition, management at the shop are demanding people present photo ID such as a passport or a driver’s license.

“Please prepare these documents in advance and present at counter,” states the notice, adding that, “unvaccinated customers may sit OUTSIDE and may use takeaway cups only.”

The arbitrary policy is yet another indication that a two tier society is being created thanks to the vaccine that openly discriminates against those who haven’t taken the jab.

The demands are being made upon customers despite there appearing to be no official Costa Coffee policy on the issue.

There is also no law currently on the books in Ireland that mandates any form of COVID passes to enter coffee shops.

Respondents on Twitter expressed their fury at the shop’s policy.

“Bye, Costa. Regardless of how they try to divide us, no decent human being can surely be ok with this segregation on principle,” stated one.

“Never ever again,” added another. “Not even in desperation will I ever go in a Costa or buy anything with the name Costa on it. And trust me I can do this til the day I die.”

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Branch of Costa Coffee Demands Proof of Vaccination, Photo ID to Enter Shop