Never as in this era have we seen that the destiny of the whole world, and in particular of Europe and Western nations, is irremediably marked by all these elements which are a prelude to its fall and its ruin.

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The following was Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò’s opening speech for the Venice Document conference.

Dear friends,

Praised be Jesus Christ.

This conference has the privilege of being based in a city with a glorious past, in which its rulers were able to apply with wisdom the good government of every temporal reign that finds its inspirational and informant principles in religion.

The “Serenissima” Republic unified all the positive aspects of monarchy, aristocracy and democracy, in a system intended and conceived to favor the practice of religion, the honest welfare of its citizens, the development of arts and crafts, the promotion of trades and of cultural exchanges, the careful management of public affairs and the prudent administration of justice.

As long as Venice was observant of its high vocation it thrived in all fields. When the last of its Doges (governors) allowed himself to be bribed by Freemasonry and by the false philosophy of the Enlightenment movement, it sank in few years, condemn to be invaded, plundered and stripped of its treasures.

From the story of the Serenissima we can draw a great lesson for the present times and a severe warning for the fate of our country and of nations in general. What indicates the forfeiture of an empire is the betrayal of ideals that made it great, the perversion of authority, the corruption of power, the resignation of the people.

Never as in this era have we seen that the destiny of the whole world, and in particular of Europe and Western nations, is irremediably marked by all these elements which are a prelude to its fall and its ruin.

The betrayal of ideals, of culture, of civilization, of knowledge, and of the arts finds its cause in the apostasy of faith, in having rejected two millennia of Christianity and in wanting to remove even the historical memory of it with the “cancel culture.”

What was shaped in the Christian era from the martyrs’ blood, from the confessors’ testimony, from the teaching of the doctors of the Church, from the Magisterium of the popes and from a whole system of industrious charity that permeated every area of ​​life is today rejected with the annoyed embarrassment of those bound in power.

The perversion of authority has meant that the rulers, both in the civil and in the religious sphere, fail to fulfill the purpose for which it exists, deviating from the common good so that, after having rejected the divine right of the sovereigns and claimed the popular origin of power of the republican state, in the name of alleged human and citizen rights, the new revolutionary political class has proved ready to sell itself to the highest bidder, rebellious to God and those it claims to represent.

The amazing promises of democracy, freedom, and popular sovereignty have been broken in the absence of civic morality, a sense of duty or a spirit of service. Born as a social application of the revolutionary principles inspired by Freemasonry, the notion of the “modern state” has proved to be another colossal deception against the masses from which the consolation of a divine justice that would moderate the excesses of the tyrant has also been snatched. This is the wicked cry of the “Crucifige” (condemnation) perpetuated in time.

After 200 years we understand how that fraud was hatched to make the masses believe that they can determine, on the basis of the mere numerical majority, what is good and what is bad regardless of the natural law and the commandments of which the Lord is the wise author.

This impious tower of Babel shows the collapse of its foundations just at the moment when it seems most powerful and destructive, and this is a source of hope for us.

The idol of equality is also collapsing, a blasphemous denial of the individuality and uniqueness of every man in the name of a flattening down where diversity is regarded with suspicion, autonomy of judgment is stigmatized as antisocial, intellectual skills are a fault, professional excellence is a threat, and the sense of duty is a hateful obstacle.

In this gray prison without tangible bars, freedom of expression is recognized only to sin, vice, crime, ignorance and ugliness, because what is unique in every man, what makes him special, what elevates him above the shapeless mass is an intolerable demonstration of the omnipotence of God, of the infinite wisdom of his creation, of the power of his grace, of the matchless beauty of his work.

The myth of false science also collapses, rebellious as its inspirer to the harmony of the divine cosmos. The humble search for the rules that govern creation has been replaced by the Luciferian presumption of demonstrating on the one hand the non-existence of God and his uselessness for the salvation of humanity, and on the other the insane divinization of the man who considers himself master of the world while he can only be its guardian, according to the eternal rules established by the Creator. Where the wise awareness of one’s own fragility had allowed great discoveries for the good of humanity, today the pride of reason gives birth to monsters thirsty for power and money, even at the cost of decimating the world population.

The false ideologies of liberalism and communism collapse, already languishing with enormous political, social and economic disasters and today, united and allied as ghosts of themselves in the crazy project of the new world order. The prophetic words of the Popes on these plagues of the nations are confirmed by the observation that both were two sides of the same coin, the coin of inequality under the guise of equity, and the coin of impoverishment of peoples under the species of the just distribution of wealth, of enrichment of the few with the promise of greater opportunities for the many.

The political parties also collapse, as does the alleged opposition between right and left, children of the Revolution and both instrumental to the exercise of power. Having renounced the ideals that still inspired them, at least nominally, until the last few decades of the twentieth century, the parties have transformed into companies, ending up creating an unbridgeable gap between the agenda that wants them and the real needs of citizens. In the absence of inspiring principles and non-negotiable values, those parties have turned to their new masters, to those who finance them, to those who decide their candidates and orient them to action, impose their choices and, if the rhetoric attributed to the sovereign people the power to appoint whoever represented them in parliaments and recognized the highest expression of democracy in the vote, today those who govern look with suspicion and annoyance on those who would like to oust and drive them out just with the vote.

The illusion collapses that there can be a justice where the laws of the states are not inspired by the common good but by the maintenance of a corrupt power and the dissolution of the social state, and where the law of God is banned by the courts, injustice is in force, honesty is punished, crime and misdemeanor are rewarded. Where justice is not administered in the name of God, magistrates can legislate against the good by making themselves enemies of those they should protect and accomplices of those they should condemn.

The deception of freedom of information collapses, showing the desolating multitude of servants and courtiers ready to silence the truth, to censor reality, to subvert the criteria of objective judgment in the name of partisan interest, the desire to enrich themselves, the intoxication of an ephemeral visibility. But if the journalist, the editor, and the essayist no longer have an immutable principle that inspires them that finds in the living and true God the infallible parameter for understanding and interpreting what is transient, freedom becomes license, subservience to power becomes the rule and falsehood becomes the universal norm.

A whole world of untruths collapses, of deceptions, dishonesty, horrors and ugliness, that for over two centuries has imposed on us everything that is anti-human, anti-divine and anti-Christic as a model. It is the kingdom of the antichrist where transhumanism challenges heaven and nature, in the eternal cry of the enemy, “Non serviam” (I will not serve). But what today we see taking place before our eyes constitutes the essence of a crazy and infernal project, ontologically doomed to failure, and it is not just a decline, as has happened many times throughout history to many empires now buried under the ashes and rubble of time, it is the end of an age that has rebelled against the first principle of the universe, against the nature of things, against the ultimate goal of man. An age that has rebelled against God, that has presumed to be able to overrule and overthrow Him, which has claimed and still demands today to be able to blaspheme Him, to eliminate Him, not only from the present and the future, but also from the past. An era shaped by the servants of the enemy of God and of mankind from Masonic sects, from power lobbies subservient to evil.

You might think that this is a decidedly apocalyptic vision of the present and of what awaits us, a vision of the last times, in which the few who remain faithful to good will be banished, persecuted and killed, just as our Lord was persecuted and killed, and the countless host of martyrs at the beginning of the Christian era. In the face of this madness the responses of human ideologies are not enough, just as a gaze devoid of transcendence is not enough.

The epithet of “apocalyptic” that is addressed to us by those who also attribute to us the label of “denier” or “conspiracy theorist”, denotes an earthly vision in which redemption represents one option among many, together with Marxism or other philosophies. But what should I preach as a bishop, if not Jesus Christ and Himself crucified?

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