By Helena Handbasket – July 24th 2021

I cannot express how angry, frustrated and outraged I am.

My anger comes from the imbecility of the general public who cannot see what is blatantly obvious to anyone with a basic instinct of recognising a lie when it’s told.

My frustration comes from many aspects of the above with the added angst of putting evidence before people, straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak, which they could easily check for themselves, from official government or media sources, and yet they still react as if YOU are the nutcase, the archetypal ‘conspiracy theorist’ with too much time to spare to indulge in ‘fantasies’.

My outrage comes from the combination of both aspects above.

I drew my line in the sand right at the start of this scamdemic after simply punching a few numbers into a calculator and showing what I knew to be true, which took only a week, that this was indeed the start of the biggest con in human history and the start of the final battle for humanity to fight back against a globalist enemy which has been attacking us for centuries, but even more so in the past century. The time has now come where the human population, completely divorced from the minute minority ruling the world, have to stand together, all deliberately manufactured differences between us forgotten, to fight an enemy which is now carrying out a global genocide upon us all and implementing a global tyranny to enslave those of us who survive the first attack through genetic poisoning using lethal injections being touted as ‘vaccines’.

We have now arrived at a Rubicon type event, but rather than crossing the Rubicon we need to draw that line in the sand which we are not prepared to cross for any reason. I have done so. I will never willingly be injected with this murderous, trans-human junk masquerading as a lifesaving ‘vaccine’. That means I have lost all chance of ever seeing my family and friends abroad.

I cannot express how traumatising that is to me in words in this scribble, I will never be able to see my elderly parents, both in their 80s, and I certainly won’t be able to attend their inevitable funerals. I will never see my only son. I will never be able to see my grandchildren grow up to be adults. I will probably not even be able to see them online as the internet is restricted further.

BUT… That is a price which has to be paid and it hurts.

When I see people taking poison injections for a couple of weeks holiday abroad, it sickens and outrages me to the core. These people are despicable and are collaborating in the biggest crime against humanity in the history of mankind.

How can anyone feel any degree of sympathy for such fools when their right to travel is pulled or they have to pay exorbitant prices for flights to return home when the rules change regarding quarantine as they return from two weeks of sun, sand and alcohol fuelled fun?

Nobody should have sympathy with such fools!!!

The actions of these morons affect all of us. They have collaborated to such an extent that the criminals in charge are encouraged to implement the barriers to freedom even further and that is exactly what they do.

The prison has been constructed and those who comply are simply reinforcing the watchtowers and walls to ensure we will all be imprisoned regardless of any rights we presume we have.

Tyranny does not obey, comply or conform to any laws.

There has never been a tyranny throughout history which has had any regard to the rights of humanity or held back in inflicting misery and carnage upon them. That is what tyrants do. History is littered with them. We all know their names.

What most people do not realise or even understand is the concept of modern day tyranny in the so-called ‘civilised western world’.

Those men, and more recently women strangely behaving like men, come in very expensive business suits instead of military uniforms as used to be the case with those crazy despots somewhere ‘over there’; the proverbial bogeyman which we can call out and publicize as a tyrant we could go and wipe out under some spurious excuse.

Why the majority of people don’t see these criminal psychopaths for what they are is baffling and bizarre to me and many others. This is again something which fuels my anger, frustration and angst.

We are now moving into a phase of this scamdemic where it is becoming clear that the unvaccinated will be blamed as the new enemy of the brainwashed sheep, who will be encouraged to attack us by the presstitutes of the mainstream whore media and will indeed attack us at every opportunity in any environment; although more likely to start online but will gradually being ramped up to physical attacks on perfectly healthy, unmasked and unvaccinated people.

They have given up all moral reasoning and intellectual acuity. They have become tools of the global state we now find ourselves in. They have unwittingly given up their bodies and minds to a cabal of murderous psychopaths intent on slaughtering massive numbers of human beings. They have committed suicide by default whilst being conned into a promise of freedom even as they are told by their respective Mafia gangster governments that nobody will be free until everyone is ‘vaccinated’, and that is why they will be set like hunting hounds upon the great unwashed masses. The majority of people worldwide are ‘unvaccinated’. So how else could they pull this off unless they fearmonger a minority who will attack you physically, whilst at the same time telling you that you are a potential death threat to them if you get too close? And yet the majority do virtually nothing to fight back?

As I said at the start, I have sacrificed ever seeing my family again. Even people in the so-called ‘truth movement’ have taken the poison injection using any number of excuses, and as much as I respect the fact that people have to make a living etc., there must come a time when that can no longer stand as a reason for self-inflicted harm through what is clearly a lethal injection.

What are you prepared to sacrifice for the future of your own children and the rest of humanity?