John Waters –

The President has signed apartheid into law, announcing himself President not of all the people but purely of the Irikaners — those vaccinacted for Covid-19 who seek segregation from those who are not

I still have, somewhere, the typewritten note I received from Michael D. Higgins nearly 39 years ago, when I wrote to request an interview for Hot Press. It ends: ‘And of course it doesn’t matter that you are unable to offer a fee’, a response to my naïve apology — thinking a fee a routine requirement for an interview — for the impecuniousness of both my employers and myself. 

I’d been very interested in the trend at the time in the UK music papers, particularly the NME, of carrying lengthy political articles and interviews, usually with left-wing figures like Tony Benn, Ken Livingstone, and others. I had recently started working for Hot Press and decided to undertake a similar series of interviews with Irish politicians who struck me as being in tune with the spirit of the music that preoccupied us, and who perhaps exhibited signs of carrying that spirit into the public life of the nation.

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