By Helena Handbasket – July 14th 2021

There’s an old saying when it comes to what you can see with your own eyes and what the camera records as a genuine historical record… “The camera never lies.”

That is obviously not true in the digital age when photographs can be technologically manipulated to add or remove certain elements of any digital image.

Your eyes are the real harbinger of truth; what you see with your own vision is generally real, regardless of any attempt to psychologically coerce you to believe it may be something else.

Take any mainstream media ‘story’ which pushes any narrative in line with its control freak masters in government or elite, and quite frankly sinister and evil, organisations such as the World Economic Forum or the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. They push a very specific narrative in line with the psychopathic and anti-human ideology presented as the ‘New Normal’ by such criminals. Photographic images and videos are also used and manipulated to reinforce and embed such narratives into the minds of ordinary consumers of mainstream media to ensure the propaganda, and in many cases, pure evil ‘fear porn’ is broadcast into the public psyche on a grand scale.

But sometimes, and in the case of the current bogus pandemic agenda, we get a real glimpse of how exactly this is done. This is happening more often these days simply because the lie has become so big as to be blatantly obvious to anyone with a few minutes to spare to look at the gargantuan volumes of recorded evidence to show the hoax of Covid-19 in all of its utter nonsense.

Take this two minute video, for example, from the excellent researcher Ivor Cummins, which I would encourage everyone to share and show to friends and family who are still burying their heads in the sand over the issues related to the Covid scamdemic.

Then there are large numbers of ordinary people who take this seriously and go out of their way to get in the faces of some of the actors creating photographic and video content to further fuel the fires of fear in people’s minds, which is of course an assault on the psyche of the general public who have no idea that this kind of psychological social engineering is being carried out on them.

But it’s said that a picture paints a thousand words, and to expand that notion, video does likewise. In the short clip below, again in just over a minute, we can see that the whole Covid-19 narrative is indeed a bogus construct, with actors performing like trained seals to instill yet more fear into the public mind.

The amazing aspect of this video is that they’re not even trying to conceal the fact that they are acting, which shows the level of evil intent endemic in these types of people who will stop at nothing to promote an agenda, which also sees them as useful idiots to be manipulated and later thrown under the proverbial bus. Make no mistake, these evil actors know exactly what it is they’re doing. They deserve no sympathy or forgiveness for the damage they are doing to our societies and I’ve no doubt this is happening across the world. We all saw the fake bodies piled up in India blamed on the scamdemic and the bodies supposedly collapsing in China back in early 2020. Neither were true.

The camera does lie in the hands of the wrong types of people, but it can still be a harbinger of real truth in the right hands. Just watch as fake Covid cleaners pose, with no pretence at hiding that fact, for photo shots for mainstream media.

Please share this far and wide. We are in a war of attrition and we need numbers to achieve whatever small victories we can manage in the hope that we can prevail against the most vicious and evil attack on humanity in the history of the world.