By Krark – Irish Sentinel Contributor – June28th 2021

The practice of child sacrifice has persisted throughout history and conjures up images of  screaming children being wrenched from their wailing parents’ arms by tribal henchmen to be sacrificed to the gods. However, historical records indicate that parents were very often willing participants in the ritual, and offered their children to the state without coercion. Parental participation in the rite was often viewed as the ultimate display of allegiance to the state.  Anthropologist Traci Ardren describes the role of parents in ancient Maya sacrificial rites

as follows:

“Maya parents who offered their children for sacrifice at the great cenote* may have experienced this ritual as an opportunity to demonstrate or perform their piety and willingness to put aside personal attachments in order to appease the gods. The public recognition of their sacrifice must have accrued to them significant status or political capital.”

* Cenote – A water well in the Yucatan peninsula, Mexico

Fast forward to 2021 and we are on the verge of possibly the largest mass child sacrifice event in human history. Millions of parents around the world will offer their children up to the state to be injected with a rushed, experimental vaccine that has not been tested for long-term effects on health. In return for this game of Russian roulette with their children’s health, parents will hope to receive in return some of the same psychological and social benefits that Maya parents received. What other reason could parents have for offering their children up to receive their “shot”?

It is now known unequivocally that Covid-19 does not affect children in any meaningful way. Any honest analysis of the data confirms this. For example, data from the UK’s Office for National Statistics by Cambridge statistician Sir David Spiegelhalter shows that the death rate for children aged five to fourteen in England and Wales is about one in 3.5 million. These children have more chance of being struck by lightning.

Unreliable testing

It is also known that the PCR test used to diagnose Covid-19 is notoriously unreliable. If excessive amplification cycles are run on a sample, the results become meaningless. The  inventor of the PCR test, Kary Mullis, a Nobel Prize winner for his invention, described the test as follows: “With PCR, if you do it well, you can find almost anything in anybody. It doesn’t tell you that you’re sick”.

It is widely accepted that with more than 17 amplification cycles, accuracy drops off significantly. A test with more than 33 amplification cycles is worthless, yet until January of this year, the WHO recommended 37 amplification cycles. Ireland, for example, insisted on using 40 to 45 cycles.

All diagnostic tests have a false-positive rate, but the enormous level of PCR testing on healthy people, combined with excessive amplification cycles, and misinterpretation of PCR results, have led to a false-positive rate of between ~90% and ~97%. Think about that—up to 97% of all positive cases are bogus. Furthermore, autopsy studies have revealed that between 95% and 100% of Covid-19 related deaths had one or more co-morbidities. The average age of victims was more than 80 years.

Risks to children

Putting all this information together, it is quite likely that not a single healthy child anywhere in the world has died from Covid-19. For an example of how children are being incorrectly diagnosed as dying from Covid-19, see the harrowing account of the 17-year old Irish girl Sally Maaz, who died in Mayo hospital in April of 2020.

We also know there have been no long-term studies to verify the safety of any of the Covid-19 vaccines. There simply cannot be, as the typical vaccine takes 7 to 10 years of development and testing before it is made available to the public. The Covid-19 vaccines for children will have been rushed to market after 18 months.

If there is no risk to children from Covid-19, then why take the chance with a rushed, experimental, and inadequately tested vaccine? Is it to avoid the “stick” from those in your tribe suspecting you are an anti-science “heretic”, much like the fear that a reluctant Mayan parent would have felt if they refused the “call” to the cenote. Or is it to receive the “carrot” of tribal affirmation from proving that you are a true believer, dedicated to the cult that has embraced tyrannical lockdowns and rushed vaccines?  For they can be the only two reasons to inject your child with experimental gene therapies. Protecting the health of your child simply cannot be a factor in such a decision.

mRNA Gene Therapy Vaccines

Gene therapy is defined as an experimental treatment that involves introducing genetic material (DNA or RNA) into a person’s cells for therapeutic purposes.

The Pfizer and Moderna MRNA Covid-19 vaccines are not vaccines in any typical understanding of the term. In traditional vaccines, an attenuated pathogen triggers an immune response that will subsequently serve the recipient if they were to be exposed to the full disease causing microorganism.  

Instead, these mRNA vaccines “hack” a recipient’s mRNA to build spike proteins that supposedly mimic SARS-CoV-2. The body attacks these spike proteins and this immune response is intended to provide protection against  Covid-19. However, there is no evidence to show that these vaccines are producing this spike protein and only this spike protein. It is simply assumed.  When exactly the body stops producing these spike proteins is also unclear. The toxicity of these spike proteins is also a question that has not been answered satisfactorily.

In reality, the mRNA vaccines are gene therapy treatments (this is openly acknowledged by Moderna in their SEC filings) and this area of science is fraught with errors and unintended consequences. Take, for example, the BBC report “The genetic mistakes that could shape our species” about a Chinese scientist named He Jiankui who altered copies of a gene known as CCR5 in twin baby girls (hoping to make them immune to HIV). The aim was to provide the girls with a version of CCR5 that is present in 1% of Europeans, but the girls ended up with entirely new, garbled CCR5 genes whose function is unknown. Jiankui is now in prison after it was found that he misled the babies’ parents about the risks of the intervention and failed to complete adequate safety testing.

Without long-term safety studies, the effects of all Covid-19 vaccines are unknown and potentially billions of people around the world run the same risk of unintended consequences as the twin baby girls in Jiankui’s study. Is this really a risk you want to take with your own children?

Adverse reactions

There is data available now that paints a grim picture on the safety of the Covid vaccine rollout. The United States’ CDC maintains the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), which is now revealing that adverse reactions to the Covid-19 vaccines are dwarfing the adverse reactions of other vaccines. The release of the VAERS data is being drip fed, and data for January and February is still being released in June.

Careful analysis of the data shows approximately 2 thousand deaths from the first 36 million doses.  What is more disturbing is that it’s well known that VAERS suffers from under-reporting. Estimates from a Harvard Pilgrim Health Care study conclude that only between 1% and 13% of serious vaccine injuries are reported to VAERS. Thus, a more realistic number of deaths from the first 36 million doses could be much closer to 20,000 than 2,000.

A proud hallmark of western civilisation has been its commitment to protect children from societies ills and stresses and to do its utmost to preserve their innocence during their formative years.  It is a great shame that this foundational societal convention was so abruptly abandoned in 2020, with children suffering the enormous health impacts of social isolation from friends, relatives and school mates from destructive and unnecessary lockdowns.  Then as society started to open back up they found themselves regarded as walking biohazards by fearful and neurotic adults, unreasonably obsessed with their own health but at what cost to those they are meant to protect?

The Irish mother and baby home scandal received global attention and condemnation. At the core of this story was helpless children abandoned by their parents and grossly mistreated by the state and church run institutions.  Children in these homes experienced violation of their bodily integrity on a routine basis as they were repeatedly injected with experimental vaccines. Such practice was rightly denounced. The parallels with the rollout of  experimental Covid vaccines for children are striking. Have we learned anything?

It is clear that the Covid vaccines are a much graver threat to your children’s health than the virus ever could be. Children rely on their parents to protect them, they cannot give informed consent. Don’t be bullied into putting their health at risk. It’s not just irresponsible, its unforgivable. Think: Are you serving your own ego or your child’s health? Why not wait a few years and see how the safety of these rushed vaccines plays out amongst the adult population first. What is there to lose? To gain?