The government is wobbling like a bowl of jelly, afraid to make decisions contrary to NPHET advice, while making announcements that are as clear as mud!

The Rural Independent group claim that delaying indoor pub and restaurant dining is like taking another wrecking ball to the economy.

Speaking in the Dáil, during Leaders questions, the leader of the Rural Independent Group, Mattie Mc Grath, stated:

“The government decision to postpone the reopening of indoor hospitality, beyond next Monday (July 5th), is another calamity which is holding the country to ransom. It also completely undermines the vaccination programme.”

“The discrepancy in the NPHET advice is so grossly disproportionate that it reminds us of the figures plucked from the sky by bankers before the government granted a blanket unlimited guarantee.”

“Figures from other countries where indoor dining is permitted, and where the Delta variant is circulating, illustrates that the NPHET advice is way off the mark.”

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