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At this stage, everyone admits that the removal of the right of unborn babies to be born without the threat of murder was done so on dishonest grounds in 2018, yet it is still worth repeating.

Some of the lies that were told were that the legislation would only be necessary for cases where the woman’s life was in danger, that the abortion rate would not increase and that babies would not be born alive and left to die (some have speculated that this is in order to harvest their organs for sale to pharmaceutical companies).

Last year, many were shocked that the number had skyrocketed to 6,666. The number this year is at 6,577, which as Angelo Bottone has pointed out, that when the numbers who aborted babies on British soil are also included, this amounts to an increase in the rate of abortions, due to the fall in the number of births. In total, there were 6,771 abortions of Irish babies in Ireland and in the UK. This went up from 117 per 1,000 live births in 2019 to 123.3 in 2020.

This table shows that a total of 25, or 0.38% of abortions were Risk to life or Health or Risk or Life to Health in an Emergency.

A total of 97, or 1.47% of abortions were in cases for ‘Condition likely to lead to death of foetus’.

Screenshot (271).png

The following table shows how many abortions occurred in each month, with abortion doctors still performing destructions on fetuses even during lockdown.

Screenshot (272).png

Lastly, the data included stated each county by numbers of abortion. Leitrim had the lowest at 28. Louth…

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