By Helena Handbasket – June 22nd 2021

The absurdly dishonest mainstream media has in the past few days been highlighting that food shortages are the next crisis we’ll be facing due to staff shortages, in terms of logistics and staffing in general, specifically lorry drivers and other sectors of the food industry.

This in and of itself is an absurd proposition considering how many people are currently unemployed and desperate to get back to some level of regular work. There was no shortage of lorry drivers prior to the Covid-19 scam and there is no logical reason as to why there should be a shortage now. I have not seen any explanation for such a shortage because no evidence exists.

This bogus shortage is being blamed on Brexit and the unavailability of foreign workers to work the nation’s farms and harvest crops. Again, with unemployment levels so high in the UK, this is absurd. British workers could easily fill the gap. Some will say that wages would have to go up, which in turn proves the point that foreign workers were brought in, due to EU rules on immigration, to drastically drive down wages, in many cases to illegal levels, throughout various sectors of the economy; farming being one of the major industries exploiting such measures at the expense of indigenous workers.

If wages have to rise to ensure the nation doesn’t starve to death, then that is, by any measure of common sense, exactly what should happen. But of course, governments are not working for the people so that’s an unlikely scenario.

People are currently being paid to stay at home based on the ludicrous assumption, and scientifically bogus premise, that there is a great danger of asymptomatic spread of the flu ‘variant’ known as Covid-19 amongst the population should people be allowed to gather outdoors in the fresh air. It is obvious that this is bogus because this has never been an issue in the history of respiratory infections since their discovery. It doesn’t take a scientific genius to understand that. If people with no flu symptoms spread flu, then the whole nation would be sick. The same applies to the bogus disease known as Covid-19 for the same reasons.

Again, if people are being paid to stay home, then subsidizing them to work on farms and in other sectors of the food supply chain to keep costs down to farmers, then that is an easy fix. We all know that farmers have been subsidized for decades through EU payment schemes, many of which were paid for farmers NOT to grow food. Perhaps that is the real origin of domestic shortages?

With the absence of these food supply crippling, nonsensical bribes in place, surely it’s time farmers actually did their jobs and fulfilled their duty to their respective nations all across Europe to feed their people?

There is another factor to consider here.

It seems that one sector of the food industry, if you really want to call it ‘food’, is the junk food industry and its announcement that it is to massively expand in Ireland and the UK, with 800 jobs in Ireland and 20,000 in the UK.

The situation in the UK bears a little more scrutiny although the same situation applies in Ireland.

If McDonald’s can find the resources, in terms of physical bricks and mortar materials and the staff, to build 50 brand new outlets in the UK, supply them with ‘food’ products and find 20,000 willing slaves to man the stores, how come farms and other food supply sectors can’t get any staff? And how can there possibly be “inevitable food shortages” when it appears that McDonald’s will have no problem?

Perhaps we have a clue when we see that Bill Gates, the largest farmland owner in the US, is supplying McDonald’s with ‘potatoes’ for its fries. I wonder if these ‘potatoes’ are GMOs? It would not come as a surprise.

Neither should it come as a surprise that McDonald’s is moving towards zero meat in its burgers, not that there was ever much in them in the first place, with again, Gates involved in plant based and lab grown Frankenmeat. Gates is not surprisingly also involved in the company supplying McDonald’s with synthetic ‘beef’ through his interests in the company ‘Beyond Meat’.

The truth is that there will indeed be manufactured food shortages and it will come down to a choice between starving to death or having to consume the toxic brands of Bill Gates and his cronies running McDonald’s and similar organisations.

That’s not much of a choice at all… Both will kill you…

My advice, for what it’s worth, is to save as much food as you can now before it becomes impossible to do so.

Those times are not too far off…

You will be eating nothing but poison and be very unhappy.