White men are the worst! This is the message of the of HBO’s In Treatment, a drama about a supposedly empathetic black female therapist who works with an array of patients.

News Busters –

This season the therapist, Brooke (Uzo Aduba), took on a patient named Colin (John Benjamin Hickey) who had gone to prison for cheating his clients. Colin is a white straight man described in various episodes as either a “narcissist” or an “asshole.” Since he is a straight white man it is a given that Hollywood would make him a jerk.

In Sunday’s episode, “Colin: Week 5,” Colin shows up at Brooke’s door one night because she has not signed off with his probation officer about their sessions. He comes into her house to go to the bathroom, then waits for an Uber driver to pick him up. While waiting in her house, he talks to Brook about his youth when he wanted to take risks and live more than “an ordinary life.”

Brooke responds, not as a therapist, but as “Brooke the human being, who’s had a couple of drinks and is feeling herself a little bit” with a speech about the problem of straight white men in history.

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