By Helena Handbasket – June 8th 2021

After watching a couple of short videos this morning before heading to work, I am of the opinion, and to be honest I was most of the way there already, that the vast majority of human beings are completely out of their minds.

I don’t say that lightly, but the evidence is there for all to see. The vast majority of the public are behaving like a well shepherded flock of obedient sheep on the way to the slaughterhouse. That is not completely accurate; a farmer usually cares about his sheep until it is time to cull them. However, that is not the case with the masters of domesticated human surplus.

But even sheep have a sense of survival and start to rebel as they get closer to their demise as instinct kicks in and they realise that death awaits them. They don’t understand why they’re being led to the slaughterhouse any more than the human zombies do.

History, it appears, has been consigned to the wastebasket of history and as such is a long forgotten tale with most having no idea of how tyranny and genocide has been carried out in the past and what led up to such atrocities, but even now, even as the gates to the slaughterhouse are wide open before them, they cannot see the signs in plain sight.

What can you do with people such as this who will willingly sacrifice their lives for the sake of their health? That is unfortunately where most of these brain dead masses appear to be at the moment with no amount of information or even simple logic changing their simple minds as they line up for a witch’s concoction of genetically modifying ingredients which has already been responsible for thousands of deaths worldwide and countless lifelong injuries.

It seems they don’t want to hear the warnings of their fellow human beings who are simply showing their humanity for others in trying to impart such advice to total strangers who are oblivious of the potential consequences of their ill thought out actions, if they’ve given those actions any thought at all. It appears they haven’t as they queue up in their herds to roll up their sleeves and be injected with a substance they have no knowledge of whatsoever, not even a basic grasp of the fact that this cannot be a vaccine by any definition as it admittedly does not prevent infection or transmission of anything.–lockdown:8

They simply shut off what passes for their brains and carry on regardless as the sign above the slaughterhouse disguised as a ‘Temporary Vaccine Clinic’ reads ‘Vaccines will set you free’.

It is extremely difficult to have any sympathy for such morons, and I for one no longer have any at all. Many of us over the years have warned of what was coming only to be ridiculed and ostracised by friends and family in many cases.

The subjects we have researched and reported on over many years is happening right now and yet still we are ridiculed and even attacked vociferously, sometimes physically but predominantly verbally, by people who have no knowledge whatsoever of any subject we talk about other than the lie that so called fact checkers have declared us dangerous misinformation domestic terrorists.

I wonder what they’ll believe when large numbers of people start to drop dead over the next year or two and beyond?

No doubt the narrative has already been written with a new ‘variant’ of Covid-19 holding center stage but of course, those evil anti-vaxxers will be given the lion’s share of blame for the spread of the new Willie Wonka strain infecting chocolate eating people.

A great cleave in society is underway. The intelligent and aware un-poisoned will be cast out of society, and what’s left of the compliant pre-slaughter lambs will be cajoled with entertainment and ‘free’ money until such times as they themselves succumb to whatever disease kills them off. The culled have no complaints department to seek justice either.

Once they take the poison, they simply become the walking dead, although it could easily be argued that they’re already there….