By Helena Handbasket – May 27th 2021

There’s been a long running TV soap opera in the UK which used to be called ‘Emmerdale Farm’ until it had a revamp 1989 when it was decided that farming was no longer “sustainable” and so the name was changed to simply ‘Emmerdale’.

“The Woolpack” is the fictional public house set in the village of Emmerdale. Its outdoor signage shows a wool bale; a symbol generally seen in sheep-rearing country.

It seems that a pub in Guildford, (from the video it sounds like The Cavern) wants to go a step further, and rather than have farmers frequenting their premises with their dung stained boots and hay festered clothes they simply want to attract simpleminded sheep to their premises. They have conveniently and at great expense no doubt, installed what amounts to a sheep dip for willing customers to step into and be sprayed with a cocktail of chemicals allegedly to kill viruses, presumably they mean coronaviruses, before you can be allowed to possibly drink from a communal beer trough lining a wall somewhere, and of course, fleece you whilst you lap up your ale.

Available by the gallon in the trough behind the toilets

Those machines ‘steripods’ from can’t be cheap and of course they’ll be paid for in hard cash by the idiots who choose to be treated like diseased, domesticated animals simply to partake of a social drink on a licensed premises.

Perhaps they have a veterinarian on hand should someone get ill breathing in the toxic chemicals from the Steriport. Time will tell, but if the clientele willing to be humiliated to this degree by the landlady of this establishment go along with this disgusting treatment, then they deserve to be treated like animals if they willingly allow it. The simple solution to any business trying to impose this type of control over customers is to boycott them and put them out of business as soon as possible to send a message to others that this kind of human farming will not be tolerated by any sensible human beings.