For decades, Progressives have been making gains in America, and they’ve been doing it mainly because they were very careful and crafty in how they operated.  A leftist will rarely come out and tell you what he is trying to do; leftists are stealthy and devious about their true intentions, disguising their motives with slogans like “for the common good,” “paying your fair share,” and “leveling the playing field.”  

American Thinker – By H.P. Smith –

They’ve slunk into nearly every walk of life, disingenuously labeling themselves “liberal,” when they are in reality anything but liberal.  “Liberal” would mean they are open to the way others think.  “Liberal” would mean that they don’t try to cancel those with whom they disagree.  “Liberal” would mean being liberal, and letting people live their lives, provided they are not doing harm to others…which is more like the libertarian viewpoint.

Progressives dominate our educational institutions, from elementary school to the highest levels of academia, and their indoctrination of our youths is shameless and insidious.  Recent polls have shown that 25% of Americans now believe that socialism is a better economic system than capitalism.  Year after year, they churn out hundreds of thousands more useful idiots with degrees in gender studies, social justice, black studies, and even journalism (yeah, oddly, journalism is still a major!).  These aspiring Marxists graduate and spread their idiocy into nearly every walk of life, especially drawn to “teaching,” government “service,” and “journalism.”  

This spread has been effective because it has been quiet, subtle, and determined.  They tell the same lies thousands, nay millions, of times and never stop pushing the Overton Window.  We can’t even turn on the Sunday baseball or football game without being lectured about how racist white people are.  All of ’em.

For decades, just about the only voices conservatives had was talk radio and a few of the personalities on Fox News.  Liberal talk radio failed miserably.  Remember “Air America”?  (I had to look it up!)  It failed because it goes against the basic tenets of Progressivism, which requires subversion.  It failed because the left’s ideas are terrible, and they have very narrow appeal.

The left wins elections mostly because leftists hide their true intentions and pander to racial groups.  Most modern Democrat voters have no real concept of how far left their party has gone.  They vote blue because their parents and grandparents voted blue, and they’re too intellectually lazy to learn about the modern Democrat agenda, which is just left of Lenin.

So why is the left suddenly so brazen in pushing its agenda, after decades of slinking in the shadows and deceiving its voters?  One of two scenarios, I believe: 1) leftists know they are going to be exposed for their election crimes, and they are desperate to act to push their radical agenda, or 2) they are dumb enough to believe they have a majority of Americans behind them and believe their wacky ideas are widely accepted.  I lean toward the former because it fits their M.O. much better.  They know they can’t pull off another massive election steal for the midterms, and they know they are going to lose huge.

This is why I’m not panicking about what’s going on.  Yes, it’s frustrating (and often amusing, if I’m being honest) to watch Biden bumble through yet another softball news conference.  Yes, I’m disgusted at the massive amount of voter fraud.  Yes, the madness about masks, vaccines, and passports is enough to make my blood boil.  But I also think it’s all necessary to swing the pendulum sharply and firmly back to the right.

The left is finally showing the rest of the country what we’ve known all along:   

Leftists don’t care about inclusion; they exclude anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

They don’t care about a merit-based system;  it matters only what alleged victim groups you belong to.  

They think the way to fight racism is with much worse and more blatant racism against White people.

They don’t care about Black lives.  BLM and its “Defund the Police” nonsense put more Black lives in danger every day.

They don’t care about Israel and are blatantly anti-Semitic.

They don’t care about your kids’ education; they care only about having control of your kids’ education.

They don’t care about keeping you safe during the pandemic; they care about keeping you controlled during the pandemic.

Last year, AOC released her Green New Deal for the world to see what utterly useless drivel it was.  Immigration and the border are a dumpster fire right now.  There are gas shortages, rising inflation, and a string of fresh attacks against Israel from a re-emboldened Hamas. 

The left thinks it has won, but it is already starting to unravel.  More eyes are opening to the facts every day.  Black and Hispanic voters are starting to move away from the party that has been lying to them and using them for decades.  Women and other minority groups, including LGBT, are moving away from the party of lies.  Distrust of the left-dominated media is near an all-time high.  Trust in Congress is near an all-time low.  Every day, leftists expose themselves for who they really are; it would be hilarious to watch if so much weren’t at stake. 

Unfortunately, I think a good strong dose of Democrat ideology is just what the country needs to shock some sense back into it.  After eight years of Obama, the country soundly rejected Hillary in favor of Trump.  I predict that after just two years of Biden (Obama 2.0 on steroids), the country will have had enough and will send a large number of Dems packing.  It’s now up to us to vote and not allow another Big Steal. 

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