By Helena Handbasket – May 9th 2021

As much as I want to see millions on the streets of Britain, Ireland and elsewhere across the world every day protesting the current state of tyranny which has infected the respective countries, the chances of that becoming a reality is wishful thinking. I hope in time that may change but I fear that it’ll be too late; the enslavement of the nations will be too far advanced by then with any possibility of overturning the tyrants lost.

The reason for that is the fact that the vast majority of people are either true believers in a pandemic for which they have no evidence to support the existence of, have invested too much emotional energy and belief in that they are now too embarrassed to admit or unwilling to admit they’ve been wrong all along and so continue the charade of compliance (going along to get along) or they are simply ‘order followers’.

With regard to the ‘order followers’ these come in a variety of guises from medical staff, police, politicians etc., but more so the general public who trust their governments and authority figures in general, despite the fact that such officials have been known to lie since time began. That is a baffling state of affairs to me.

But there are also those who like the ‘thrill’ of it all and their belief in the system and who will attack you verbally, and sometimes physically for daring to question authority and the status quo. There’s more likelihood these days that the rock band Status Quo has more credibility than any politician or public official.

But these wannabe authoritarians, whether police constables, medical personnel, the clipboard carrying official imposing covid restrictions, the supermarket mask Nazis or just members of the general public who accuse you of trying to kill them by breathing are the real danger to those of us who can see through the myth of the pandemic. They will become the New Normal Stasi and turn in any suspected member of the public deemed to be in defiance of their Godlike authorities. We are quite simply being turned upon each other and manipulated into open conflict simply for having a different point of view and questioning the official narrative. The difference being that from the defiant minorities’ point of view, they can provide the evidence to back their views and scepticism whereas rhetoric and the repetition of lies and bogus statistics is all that can come back from the Covid cultists.

Unfortunately, these fanatics are in the majority and it takes hard work to even dent their beliefs to allow a seed of truth to take hold and grow into something more substantially revealing about what’s really going on. Believe me, I’ve tried.

When you cannot even question the efficacy of mask wearing, even when holding the packaging in your hand and reading what it states to a person, that the masks do not protect from a virus, and they still don’t react the way you’d expect a rational person to react but simply ignore and continue to purchase the masks, then you are up against a very powerful influencer in the form of the mainstream media ‘news’ outlets and the mainstream press, hard copy and online, which is obviously the only sources they believe in.

You cannot get through to such people on any terms and they will attack you for even trying to get through their veneer of illogical beliefs.

A friend of mine recently told me the masks gave him a sense of security despite the fact that I showed him the pictures I’d taken showing quite clearly the message from the manufacturers of the product stating their limitations with regard to protection from virus particles…

The images below are from two such products sold in Walmart…

Not intended for use by children… You couldn’t make it up!
People won’t even read the packaging…
Madness indeed…
Conformity certificate?

This is what we’re up against and the real problem will come soon as these people are emboldened to attack anyone, verbally at least, who refuses to take the covid shots, again despite the fact that those refusing the shots can prove the inefficacy and dangers of them, and as stated by the manufacturers, that they do not protect from infection or prevent transmission of this impossible to find ‘virus’ which no lab in the world has yet succeeded in isolating to provide a sample to those wishing to study it. Large rewards have even been offered as an inducement to come up with such a sample. No pay out has yet occurred as not a single sample has been produced.

We are literally up against an army of terrorised people across the globe who will turn you into the authorities in the belief that you are a direct danger to their lives despite having no signs or symptoms of any illness and in fact are more than likely taking better care of your daily health than they are wearing masks.

The recruitment of ‘Covid Marshalls’ and other dubious employment opportunities now being offered to the general public are a clear sign of the intent of governments. It is to create further division within society and stigmatise any opposing faction that doesn’t adhere to the groupthink of the masses. Those taking up such positions, perhaps through desperation, but more likely due to the power trip mentality of those who want to control other people and get a kick out of doing so, now have the green light to do just that, especially against those still willing to defy any authoritarian entity which seeks to impose Draconian rules, whether government, law enforcement or medical personnel, to name but three of such groups, and the aforementioned ‘mask Nazis’ strutting their stuff at business entrances.

These are the cowards in our society and the enemies of the minority who are, ironically, trying to save their lives and those of their future generations, whilst they will accuse you of being complicit in the killing of countless grannies and grandads due to your irresponsible behaviour. Such people should be widely ostracised within their own communities wherever possible and left to fend for themselves when their need is greatest.

These compliant masses are a real threat and traitors to us all and are enthusiastically collaborating with a system which despises them even more so than it despises the defiant few.

They will help facilitate the total slavery of society, or worse, and yet will still try to justify their actions, not only to themselves, but also to their family and friends even as another level of the totalitarian regime they’ve collaborated with comes knocking at their door to purge them from the system for some minor infraction against the authorities, either real or imagined.

And they will deserve what they get…