By Helena Handbasket – April 25th 2021

On a recent trip to my local superstore, Walmart, I decided to check out the masks they heavily advertise for sale. There was a bin conveniently located next to the checkouts which stated:-

Fashion Face Masks

Back to School in Style

5 Piece Pack


So I thought, they’re now advertising these gags to parents and children that it’s now a fashion accessory and apparently essential clothing to be worn in schools as long as it looks good and regardless of the well-established health risks.

Having seen numerous children, some as young as 3 or 4 years of age, some even younger in pushchairs, it always struck me that if this nonsense had been decided upon by ordinary parents prior to the Covid scam, then we would have seen many parents locked up for premeditated child abuse.

But not to worry, these are Back to School masks so they must be perfectly good for children, right?


On the back of the packaging you can read…

The important sections are of course…

“Non-medical grade. No warranties that this mask prevents infection or transmission of viruses.”

“Not intended for use by children.”

These are clearly being sold under false pretences in that they DO NOT protect from viruses or prevent transmission of said viruses, and yet these are being advertised and sold as Personal Protective Equipment, which they clearly are not. Walmart knows this, as do the big pharmacy chains in the US whose own brands of these gags make almost identical statements to the same effect.

And it is made plain that these are not intended for use by the vast majority of people who attend schools, namely, children.

It is therefore clear that at the top levels of these corporations, even down to management level in individual stores, they know the wearing masks is a bogus argument, and at the highest board room level, they know the whole Covid narrative is a fraud.

I would urge parents to visit local stores and take pictures of the relevant information and take it to your child’s school to show to the headmaster/headmistress and demand an immediate end to such nonsense and danger to your child’s health.

The manufacturers have a reason to state that these are not intended for use by children and that is that they know well that they’re harmful.

But the hook to the sale of these gags, and the irony, is that by purchasing these symbols of enslavement you are somehow contributing to the welfare of military veterans who presumably fought to free people from some form of tyrannical enslavement in their respective countries.

I wonder if veterans associations are aware that they are being used by these corporations to perpetrate a con on the people whose freedoms they also apparently fought to defend?