By Helena Handbasket – April 24th 2021

As if we didn’t know that The Irish Times was at best a rag, but more likely akin to used toilet paper, it seems that the lies permeating this crap filled entity are so idiotic that they can’t quite seem to remember which lies is the current narrative.

The links below all come from The Irish Times and as you can see the contradictions are clearly printed in black and white although brown may be a better colour to denote the obvious bullshit published.

March 2nd 2007 Warming

December 20th 2010 Cooling

April 29th 2018 Cooling

September 18th 2020 Warming

And as is also obvious, they switch from one absurd headline to the next with totally opposite perspectives. Perhaps they’re simply ‘following the science’ from the Church of Global Warming and the fanatical zealots who worship there. I doubt they even accept the hypocrisy of these headlines in a case of what is clearly cognitive dissonance on crack cocaine.

How The Irish Times can continue to publish such nonsense and still pretend to be an impartial and honest ‘newspaper’ is beyond belief, as are their headlines.

It is just another example of the contempt with which mainstream media holds its readers and viewers stupid enough to read and watch such fantasy fiction unreality.

There is only one use for used toilet paper…. Do not attempt to recycle it. Flush it down the toilet, although in the case of The Irish Times, the saying goes that scum always rises to the surface….

Please flush as many Times as is necessary!