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A few weeks back a group of parents who have become increasingly aware of changes in their teenage children came to a very clear conclusion in that the forced wearing of masks of their children in Secondary schools was actually becoming a very serious problem for their teenage children. Now as we all know, some of us parents, some not, some of us brothers and sisters, cousins and uncles and aunts, our teenage loved ones can be moody at the turn of a hat. Being moody can be as a result of a multitude of things that are deemed important to that individual teenager at that time in their life.

 Spots on my face OMG? – Major Drama.

Not enough hair on my chin or moustache? OMG – Major Drama.

This dress makes me look fat! OMG I hate myself -Major Drama.

Now all these things we might, as older people, look at our teenage loved ones and say “for god’s sake catch yourself on its no big deal” or whatever clumsy or selfish way we can find in our fast paced, too busy to really care or haven’t got time I’m late for work moment that this drama arrives upon us. Truth is, most times we don’t listen. Modern children feel that. Mam and dad are too busy to care. But the thing is, we do care. You see we went through these same dramas, we got over them, and we were stronger for the strength this experience taught us, we want you to learn, just like us. Our mam and dad were likely busy too, they didn’t have time. But we aren’t crying about it, we get on with life and so will you. Man up!!

But maybe the modern child isn’t as strong. Certainly they have come through a schooling system that teaches them but fails to educate them. They learn to be good parrots, repeating back to the teachers in various decreasing value exams what the teachers want them to repeat. The teaching to repeat is so far removed from educating them, educating them to think for themselves, to rationalise and to use common sense. This group think has brought us more problems than we can imagine, across our whole society as we move away from national sovereignty to full World or Global Partnership.  This has made our children very reliant on their peers. It is more important for our children to be accepted into the group than to think and care for what actually might be in their best interests, be it health, safety or fashion – anything perhaps. These young teenage children grow up this way and become career professionals, many become teachers.

 So back to our current group of parents. They noticed that their teenage children weren’t the same. There was a difference. This wasn’t the usual moody blues they were used to, this was a deeper darkness. This was sadness. This was a fear. A torture even. So, some parents began talking to their children. If there was one positive thing to be taken from the madness from the lockdown is that as parents we all started to find more time to be with our families. Work was drying up or gone in many cases. Mam and dad were around. Mam and dad had more time. Mam and dad had their worries, but they could see me. They began talking to me. And eventually the teenage kids began to slowly start to release the pressure that had built up in their minds. They began to talk about the masks and the restrictions they were forced to wear for almost 8 hours a day at school in many cases. They began to talk about the open windows, the cold class rooms, the teachers and their unwavering demands that masks must be worn at all times, fully over nose and mouths, regardless of any circumstance. For everyone’s safeties remember. Staff and Pupils.

But this was a major problem for many children. Their basic rights were gone, their needs and desires and simple freedom to see facial expression of their friends and peers was wretched away from them and they were left in a state of perpetual hell, breathing used CO2 for almost 8 hrs. a day, no respite, even if they went outside or had physical education, and all at the hands of teachers who had been turned into almost tyrannical loons paranoid that the Covid was going to strike them down and take down granny and Mary and Peter and Johnny and Mickey. The actual science of all this was ignored, despite repeatedly being said on MSM by WHO medics and so called Experts, never mind anyone that worked in the science department within the schools. The covid was gonna get ya.

So upon learning of the distress that their children were under some parents joined a group of parents and teachers and began talking about their children’s experiences. From this group came another group which called itself Teenheard. This name came about after these parents decided to create a video made by some of their children who had offered to share their experiences and distress at this mandatory mask wearing and the restrictions imposed on the children during lockdown. This video can be watched here at this link

Voices of our teens (

Irish teens describing what they are going through on a daily basis at school, how masks, restrictions and lockdowns are affecting them.

This video is truly shocking and it was quite clear to the many thousands who watched this video on youtube that there was a major problem here going on right under our noses and we couldn’t see it.

Suddenly more and more children began coming forward and talking. The first video gave them the courage to step forward and be heard. And by now many, many more parents wanted to listen. They wanted their teens to be heard.

More videos were made which were just as harrowing, watched by thousands. These next two videos can be watched at these links.

18 Year old speaks out (

Accounts from a 13 year old (

And by now there was a lot happening. Parents and teachers and teenagers were communicating. Everyone was becoming aware of the major problem that existed, and the pressures foisted upon our children without it appears a thought for them and their mental welfare. An email address was set up on Gmail. Communications were flying. Plans were afoot. Numbers in groups were growing fast. More people wanted to be involved, teenagers wanted to be heard, parents wanted to listen, teachers wanted to help. Then it came, the first attack. Youtube started taking down the videos. They no doubt broke community guidelines. You know the community guidelines that state you must not state the truth or allow anyone to see the truth as it’s not in the community interest. (Im too tired to try and understand what community YT means)

So the videos were moved to Bitchute. You can watch above on Bitchute. Ok YT won that battle, but they won’t win the war. Next Google (YT Parent Company) went after the Gmail account.

This message appeared.

Now they have attacked the email address to try and stop parents from communicating and talking about the truth of what is happening to our children. Free speech huh? Free society huh? Nope!

However the appeal is in and we await results, albeit we won’t hold our breath. There are many email addresses that can be used; again, they won that small battle. Not to worry. There are back-ups.

In the midst of all this an email campaign with the help of HFI (Health Freedom Ireland – you can visit them here and maybe join or help out was conceived to email the unions. This email campaign was designed to ask the unions to not to insist on vaccination as a pre-requisite for children to be allowed back into school, as per one of the items laid out in their AGM agenda along with the worry that parents had that apart from masks and social distance, the children must engage in compulsive sanitisation while on the school premises, not to mention the prospect that students may be subject to routine Rapid Antigen Testing (RAT).

 186 parents emailed them and so much pressure would appear to have been put on them that many of the mailers found themselves blocked. Maybe the unions don’t like the truth spilling out onto their table either.

A week after the first mail to unions,  a second mail was set up and this one contacted every school in Ireland with a covering letter and the Teenheard first video. There was a mixture of response from many of the schools, mostly with Principals hiding behind Board of Management policies and Public Health and Department Guidelines. This is an important feature of accountability in Ireland today, it’s the old three step accountability shuffle, whereby no one can quite be sure who exactly is to be held accountable but we know for one thing, as the song says “it wasn’t me!”

Also parents began reporting their schools to the HSA. One major question that couldn’t be answered in all of this was the Risk Assessments that had been carried out for the wearing of masks in the classroom for the duration of the school day. Who had done this? Who was responsible? Is it the Head Principal? .The Board of Management? .The Department of Education? Who ultimately carries the duty of care? Who is accountable if a child gets weak from lack of oxygen, gets dizzy and falls down a set of stairs and gets badly injured? Who is responsible for enforcing this when there would appear to be no answers as to the safety of these mandates. These were the questions being asked by parents. But nobody was answering. WHY? Since the beginning of this article we have what appears to be a vague idea of a Risk Assessment. No points for those of you who spot the circular references, oh and the date??

Why was nobody taking any notice of the endless amounts of articles and peer reviewed studies about the masks and their efficacy? Why didn’t anyone want to listen? Why are Principals all rowing in behind the BOM and the Department guidelines? Could teachers not see the effects on their children in their classes that they were teaching?

Here are some examples of mask articles being brought into question. A small amount of research is all it takes to find much much more against masks than for. Very important studies carried out by Swiss Policy Research and an EU report suggesting some 68% of children report side effects from wearing masks.

Why won’t anyone listen? This is why the parents felt they needed to take action. No leaders out there will take heed. Something has to change. If change isn’t going to happen then make change happen. This is what the parents have decided to do.

The letters can be read here. They were all designed as a loose template and parents were being asked to edit as they seen fit for themselves.

Principals & Board of Mgmt – Google Docs

Campaign #2 Instructions – Google Docs

Secondary School Emails – Google Docs

So now the new campaign has begun with the call out to all the parents to email the secondary schools with the pre written but easily editable email to apply pressure on the schools to remove the masks which are doing so much harm to our young people, our children, our nephews, nieces, cousins, brothers and sisters. It’s up to us all to take some time and start to stand up for our children. After all our children are our investment in the future are they not?

Now we all understand that this has been hard for everyone, teachers and students. But we must learn from our mistakes. Ireland has a chequered history in our attitudes to child welfare throughout history and without going into detail here we need to stop look and listen now before it’s too late. Before in 10 or 20 years’ time we say what happened there why did we not see it? We can see it. We all just need to stop and listen to the children and realise something is wrong. Its screaming out at us. The WHO tells us that its extremely rare for a child to pass Covid to an adult.

HIQA has also confirmed that children are not significant transmitters of the virus, based on Irish data from investigations of schools outbreaks collected up to Dec 2020.

So the question remains. What is the reason we are allowing this torture to carry on against our dearly beloved children.

Teachers we ask you, start thinking. Instead of challenging parents who are legitimately worried about their children, please engage. Why do many Principals contacted not return an email or an acknowledgment? Why are parents being ignored like this? As a Principal why are you blindly following Public Health guidelines while what’s happening in front of your own eyes must be ruffling your conscience? Ask yourself this. Have Government guidelines ever been mistaken before?

For those children that don’t want to wear a mask, please don’t deny them the right to education. And when they do come into school and have either a reason for not wearing a mask or because they don’t want to then don’t shun them like lepers into a class room and make them do online study away from their classmates, sometimes surrounded by Perspex in a classroom, my god that’s a bigger torture. You’re alienating them and making them different in the eyes of their peers. Teenage years can be tough on them, remember??

Why do some teachers insist on children wearing masks outside? Why the heck do some want them worn during PE?  Come on. We are all intelligent sentient beings. We don’t wish to challenge you, we wish to engage and review the best advice for our children. That best advice we all have to accept may not come from the Government guidelines, there may be more up to date scientific data worthy of review. All we ask is that you engage.

TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More.

For the Children, can we sit down as responsible adults and look at the data. You never know that crisis may be averted by the decision you make today. Teenheard can be found on some social media

Telegram – @teenheardirl

Instagram :

Email :  (in yo face Gmail ;-))

Irish Parents Group can be found here on telegram

If anyone is extremely concerned and wishes to just move to homeschooling here is a good link to get some information on Telegram

Homeschool ireland

A place for homeschooling/unschooling families to meet and to form local communites, as well as also for those interested in homeschooling and want to know more.

It’s also important that for context everyone watches this extremely important video interview by The Irish Inquiry Channel with Barrister Martin Byrne BL who discusses the issue of masks and Risk in schools and the impacts of legal consequence.

The mask section is isolated here (Credit; The healthy Debate –

In Good faith and on behalf of the 1000s of Parents, and teenagers and indeed the many teachers, without forgetting the good folks at HFI and especially Teenheard. Please let’s start talking. Talking will heal all the pain, the sooner we all start talking the sooner the pain will end and the sooner it will heal with the least amount of damage.

You know where we are. We are everywhere. We are you. We are waiting with an open welcome.