By Helena Handbasket – April 20th 2021

As covered by The Irish Times, the RTE of print media, and in an article by, the Covid-19 “vaccines” might not work against new, what used to be called in real science mutations, emerging ‘variants’,  particularly the menacing South Africa ‘variant’.

Dr Darina O’Flanagan, an adviser to the National Public Health Emergency Team stated that if the South African ‘variant’ were to take hold in Ireland then “we are all in dire trouble.”

It should be understood by now that these pathological liars are not talking about people dropping like flies in the street. No, what they’re talking about is ramping up testing, possibly making that more mandatory, and then inflating ‘case’ numbers exponentially, because tests taken on the same person are always counted as separate tests… i.e. if someone tests positive 7 days in a week, then that’s counted as 7 ‘positive cases’ or ‘infections’ regardless of the fact that the ‘patient’ may not show any symptoms at all and may indeed may not even be a ‘patient’ but simply some fool voluntarily allowing a probe to be thrust up their nose because a lying politician encouraged them to do so. If they should test ‘positive’ for some remnant of a common cold they may have had at a Millenium celebration party, then so be it… They are then categorised as a ‘case’ and are therefore treated as if they are carrying a deadly plague which approximately 99.8% will survive even if they never knew they had it in the first place. (If it exists at all, because, no lab in the world can produce it, not even the CDC.)

We all know how this works by now…

There will be a massive media campaign to promote voluntary testing using bogus PCR tests with 100% false positive rate, because you can’t test for a virus you can’t find, to collate as many false positives as possible of the South African ‘variant’

Politicians will scare the public with scarier scenarios than last time… “YOU’RE ALL GOING TO DIE IN EXCRUCIATING PAIN UNLESS YOU TAKE THE SHOT AND DIE IN EXCRUCIATING PAIN!!!”

The media will be unleashed on even more steroids, or more likely crack cocaine, threatening that the sky is falling, (due to global warming too of course. That little gem is going to be big pretty soon too to ‘save the planet’, because lockdowns don’t just cut off your freedom, they cut the bogeyman CO2 emissions as well) and that EVERYBODY is going to die unless nobody gets within 100 meters of anyone else, we all live in the bath, heavily polluted with hand sanitizer and wearing three masks, a face shield, goggles and a snorkel, to keep us safe from drowning in despair.

Lockdowns will be imposed and possibly ‘detention camps’ for the pesky masses who want to breathe some fresh air in the park or by the sea or simply want to meet up with their elderly relatives before they’re murdered by the state.

People will undoubtedly die in large numbers, particularly those who have already been foolish enough to take a couple of doses of toxic waste, amongst other poisons, aborted baby cells and genetically modifying agents,  masquerading as a ‘vaccine’ already, which has already killed and seriously injured tens of thousands already.

The new ‘variant’ will be blamed, as well as those who don’t want to be poisoned and murdered by the injections, and all will be blamed on ‘Covid-19’ or 20 or 21… blah, blah blah… And on and on it goes.

So yes, Witchdoctor Darina O’Flanagan, adviser to the National Public Health Emergency Team…


And just to end the ‘Coincidence Theory’….

AstraZeneca did short term human tests in three countries, which just by coincidence of course, just happened to take place in the UK, Brazil and… wait for it, South Africa. these just happen to be the three ‘variant’s be promoted as the next deadly killer plague in the media… and just for good measure… here are Reuters ‘fact’ checkers to confirm it taking their info from The Lancet…

And in another remarkable stroke of coincidence, AstraZeneca have a massive vaccine production plant in India, the latest plague variant to hit the headlines.

It would perhaps make you think there was a conspiracy going on… Just a thought…