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Back in February, new US President Joe Biden proudly declared ‘America is back’. By that, he meant of course, a return to Globalist foreign policies. He stated that former President Donald Trump had given ISIS a ‘new lease of life’ by withdrawing troops from the Middle East. However, it appears as though ISIS have been given a new lease of life in the first few months of Biden’s presidency.

In a sad reminder of the worst days of the Obama years, ISIS have release a new video which shows them standing over a Coptic Christian before killing him.

Nabil Habashi Salama was brought to a beach and shot in the back of the head as a warning to Egyptian Christians not to support the armed forces.

He had been missing since last November.

The spokesman for the Coptic Church said ‘He kept the faith till the moment he was killed’. He had been involved in helping to rebuild churches that were destroyed by ISIS. His daughter wrote a tribute on social media saying, ‘you made us proud’.

The Ramadan terror attacks come as Islam continues to grow, now at 1.8 Billion people compared to 1.2 Billion Catholics.

On Palm Sunday recently, a Coptic woman and her 4 year old son were brutally murdered by an Islamist in the country too. The Egyptian media warned Christians not to represent it as a hate crime, instead trying to claim that it was a mere robbery. This is a similar tactic to how French media behave after churches are set on fire by Muslim migrants, particularly during the arson attack on Nantes recently where they lied about an Islamic migrant worker carrying out the attack until the story had been dropped.

The murder of Nabil brings forth gruesome reminders of the deaths of the Coptic Martyrs in Libya in 2015, and a gruesome reminder of the bleak future faced by Coptic Christians in Egypt.

Catholic Arena