By Helena Handbasket – April 20th 2021

For over a year now, people across the world have been subjected to the most vicious psychological attack in human history. Of that there can be no doubt.

The constant media hype and fear mongering tactics of mainstream media at the behest of diabolical and utterly insane politicians at the behest of their masters, have conspired to terrorise humanity using the threat of what is clearly a non-existent pandemic.

The reign of terror is so brutally underhand (Stalin would have been envious at how easy it’s been) that it has cost countless thousands of lives through what amounts to premeditated murder in the case of nursing/care homes in particular, but not from the mysteriously elusive Covid-19, which no laboratory in the world has been able to produce a single sample of.

There have also been countless thousands of deaths attributed both to the fear of catching the not so deadly Covid-19 in hospitals, but more alarmingly, and obviously premeditated, withdrawal of lifesaving treatments in cancer for example. Heart attacks, strokes and other life threatening diseases have also gone untreated with the predictable outcome that people have died unnecessarily, many of whom could well have lived long and happy lives otherwise.

The shameful antics of psychopathic politicians, dancing nurses and police thugs has been nauseating to behold and the blatant arrogance of the likes of Bill ‘Kiddie Killer’ Gates and Anthony ‘Fakey’ Fauci are remarkable in their blatant gibberish and non-scientific quackery. And yet, the public hold such homicidal maniacs in high esteem and trust them with their lives.

It is astonishing!

How has the public been trained to believe in a pandemic which shows not one shred of evidence they can witness with their own eyes?

How can the public be so taken in and fooled by politicians they know to be outright liars?

The simple answer is of course, the mainstream TV news and print media which is bought and paid for by the same lying, scheming politicians using your tax money to terrorise, shackle you and destroy your life.

You have paid to be brainwashed and taken the bait, hook, line and sinker and allowed yourselves to be penned in your homes like sheep in a paddock waiting to go to the slaughterhouse.

That analogy is not far from the truth. In fact, it is the truth.

If you truly believe you’ll be given freedoms back from a psychopathic elite that glorifies in the death of innocent human beings, you are already getting ready to walk onto the trucks for your final journey, and regardless of whether you were dumb enough to get shot up with an experimental witches brew masquerading as a ‘vaccine’.  

You are already The Walking Dead.

If you want to do something to stop the planned genocide which is inevitable if the public does not come to its senses soon, please print as many copies of the flyers below and hand them out to everyone you can. Time is short and the real push back needs to begin.