By Helena Handbasket – April 18th 2021

The alleged head of the Irish government Micheál ‘Me Hole’ Martin stated on  Thursday that he “can’t be definitive” the country won’t experience a fourth wave and be subjected to another totalitarian lockdown.

He later on goes on to state that he and his cabal of criminal colleagues are preparing to experiment on Irish teenagers and younger children with toxic substances deemed too dangerous to experiment with on animals. This is set to roll into 2022/2023, which coincidentally is when the experimental clinical trial is expected to end, and as we already know, the deaths and serious injuries are already off the scale worldwide.

This maniacal fiend knows full well that there will be further lockdowns under the guise of a ‘fourth wave’ of ‘Covid-19 cases’; cases manufactured from uninfected thin air using bogus PCR testing. He knows all of this and also that the Irish people haven’t even seen a ‘first wave’ of the elusive and apparently undetectable virus known as ‘Covid-19’. He also knows that without an isolated sample of a virus, you can’t possibly produce a vaccine against it. He also knows that the toxic jabs are killing and maiming people. He also knows that they are not ‘vaccines’ under any definition; that they do not prevent infection and do not prevent transmission of the elusive ‘virus’.

I don’t point this out as to somehow imply that Martin is a genius, he certainly is not, but he needs to know the basics so he can lie with a straight face directly to the Irish people without any semblance of conscience.

And of course his bum chum and fellow psychopath, Leo ‘bend over’ Varadkar, is still insisting that the Irish people take part in Russian Roulette with a loaded needle, the contents of which they have no knowledge of as do the people administering them. But many will simply comply and suffer the consequences of their ignorance and foolhardy trust in government.

As mentioned above, deaths and serious injuries have occurred by the thousands all across the world due to these toxic shots and yet the Irish public are being threatened by their own government that if they don’t take certain poisons then they will somehow be ostracised from society by going “to the back of the queue”, which ironically is what may just keep them alive.

Here is a great piece of work by Frontline Workers cataloguing injuries and deaths just over the first 90 days of these poisons being coerced into people.

I cannot understand why anyone still believes these pathological liars who do nothing but promote fear of human contact, which is not only physically damaging in terms of social interaction, it also compromises the immune system and is severely psychologically damaging as evidenced by the sharp increases in suicides in Ireland, particularly amongst the younger generations who have given up all hope of any semblance of a decent life. Others are committing suicide due to unemployment and poverty or the break-up of relationships whilst others turn to alcohol and other substances in a downward spiral of despair.

Many thousands are also left to die due to the withdrawal of vital healthcare as hospitals stand empty and nurses dance the days away in well-rehearsed stunts to infuriate the public (taking lots of time) whilst at the same time senior health officials lie day after day telling of ‘overwhelmed’ hospitals.

I have no doubt that there are good people working in those hospitals but really, it’s time they all spoke out. At this stage there is no point in being afraid to lose their jobs or not being able to pay their mortgages etc…. This is WAR! They are under attack too as are their children and extended families, friends and work colleagues.

Those nurses and police officers dancing for the cameras are a disgrace to their professions and all who seek to abuse their new found ‘authority’ should be shunned by every single human being in Ireland who still has a modicum of self-respect.

Every word from a politician’s should be treated as a lie and ignored and every police officer, shop assistant and any others who attempt to enforce totalitarian measures, such as masking, should be told categorically that they do not have any right to impose tyranny upon the Irish people and also be ignored and despised.

Now is not the time to cower from any tyrant willing to kill you with a deadly cocktail of unknown ingredients which is already responsible for thousands of injuries and deaths in only three months.

This is only the tip of the toxic needle. We have yet to see the real ‘collateral damage’ in this evil war on humanity.