By Helena Handbasket – April 15th 2021

If anyone in Ireland is still of the opinion that their politicians care for them, one only has to look at the latest threat from someone with brutal intent in the form of Leo Varadkar. This maniac is clearly bending over and submitting to entities way above his pay grade and condemning the Irish people to a possible death sentence, in many cases, or at least serious physical and mental damage.

Whilst a wide range of countries have banned the use of the AstraZeneca deadly cocktail masquerading as a ‘vaccine’ which neither prevents an illness nor stops transmission of that illness, Varadkar, under orders obviously, has decided that it’s good enough for the Irish people, should they be foolish enough to line up for it. If they are then unfortunately they deserve what happens to them in the future.

And I have to say, it’s very difficult to have any sympathy for people who are prepared to subject themselves to medical experimentation in the form of a human trial, not that they’re being informed of that of course, without knowing anything about the concoction they’re willingly having injected into them or the fact that, in the case of the AstraZeneca poison and all the others, they have caused serious medical injuries and deaths on a large scale around the world.

(However, a caveat here is that I think that these ‘traditional’ types of ‘vaccines’, not the genetically modifying mRNA brands, are the only ones being exposed as having serious blood clotting side effects, although of course they also cause a wide range of other physical and psychological injuries, including death, which are not being exposed, and neither are side effects of a similar nature from the mRNA experimental gene therapy types. I think this is a ploy to ensure that the only ‘shot’ available will be the gene therapy genetic engineering type.)

But in the case of Ireland, it seems that Varadkar is willing to subject the Irish people, again those foolish enough to roll up their sleeves, for what is now officially a ‘killer vaccine’. If they refuse and still want to play Russian Roulette with a needle, then they will go to the ‘back of the queue’. This is another cynical ploy by Varadkar to fear monger the public into believing that they’ll be left behind, presumably to die from the mystery virus labelled ‘Covid-19’ that no ‘expert’ worldwide has been able to find and isolate.—leo-varadkar-2289654/

That FACT in itself should tell anyone with a basic level of intelligence that you cannot produce a vaccine without the virus you seek to attack with a ‘vaccine’ unless you have discovered the virus and isolated it to use as the basis for your drug.

You CANNOT produce a ‘vaccine’ otherwise.

And just to repeat the point I started with, we have been told our whole lives that vaccines save lives and have eradicated diseases (another lie of course) and that they have done this by producing a product that prevents you contracting a disease and prevents you from transmitting it. If you don’t see the obvious contradiction even in that theoretical mumbo jumbo, it’s simply that if you’re supposedly protected from a ‘virus’ through the use of a ‘vaccine’ then how can you possibly transmit it to another person if you’re supposedly protected from catching the ‘virus’ in the first place?

The CDC’s definition states that fact.

There is of course no claim to the above theory with these experimental concoctions. They do not protect or prevent. In other words, they defy any definition of what a ‘vaccine’ is. They apparently ‘reduce symptoms’ but so would any number of cold and flu over the counter medicines available worldwide. Honey and cinnamon will do likewise.

So the question is…

If it’s not a vaccine, what is it? Ask yourself that question before you make what should be an informed choice. It is up to you to find out all the facts before taking part in a medical trial and giving your consent for such medical experimentation upon you.

But getting back to Varadkar. This is a MONSTER you are listening to; someone who has such callous disregard for the Irish people that he wants to inject them with a known killer substance for a ‘virus’, if it exists at all, that is so deadly you have to volunteer to get a test to find out if you have it, a PCR test which arguably is giving a 100% false positive rate, because again, how can you test for something nobody can find? All this for an elusive ‘virus’ with a 99.8% survival rate for the majority of people who may not even know they’ve ever had it. (If it actually exists)

Then he threatens that you will be penalised if you don’t take something, which you have learned to your credit possibly, but more likely through your TV, is causing blood clots and other injuries on a large scale all across the world.

That in itself should be a neon blazing warning signal that this vicious psychopath does not care about your health in any respect whatsoever. He clearly has murderous intent and is arrogant enough that he is willing to publicise that in broad daylight without a shred of emotion as to the guaranteed damage to be done due to his actions.

This is barbarism personified… Take a deadly shot or else!

Or else what?

We know where this ends if people continue to comply with these pathological lying psychopaths. But it could end so differently if the Irish people simply look around them and notice that there is no ‘deadly pandemic’ caused by the flu, but conveniently rebranded ‘Covid-19’.

The only place the ‘pandemic’ exists is in the mainstream media and in the minds of the people who are still hooked to it.

Again, it’s very hard to have sympathy with people who are so foolish that they swallow every line from proven liars to the point where they would rather gamble with their lives than just get on with their lives free of the criminal cabal disguised as the Irish Government.

There is only one place the criminals Varadkar, Martin and the rest of gang  should be, and that is a maximum security prison for the rest of their lives. The death penalty would be too easy an exit for these scum. They deserve nothing less than life behind bars, fully vaccinated of course, for their safety and ours.