By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

Today, a terrible and nagging suspicion of mine has been confirmed.

More than a decade ago, it was realized that our DNA functions as a particular kind of antenna. It picks up messages from radiation across a large spectrum, and, in essence, it is programmed and directed as a result of complex interactions with specific frequencies—the seven Whole Notes.

The entire complex functioning of our body can’t be managed by our “onboard” memory. Just like your computer may need an external hard drive, your body and brain require a much larger computing capacity than is available biologically. So our “space suits” are connected via let’s call it “DNA wi-fi” to a much, much larger network with vast memory and data manipulation capability.

Those of you who have watched videos produced by Gregg Braden have already been exposed to some of the utterly unexpected and extraordinary messages encoded in our DNA. These discoveries affirm the existence of our Creator, and unfold proof that we are meant to have “superhuman” capabilities.

Not just some of us. All of us.

Now as we stand on the brink of knowing who we are and being able to develop as we were always meant to develop, the so-called Illuminati have unleashed their most diabolical and hideous attempt to destroy the soul and the potential of mankind — purposefully engineered nanotech designed to block our DNA “antennas” and sever our connection to our souls.

Do not accept any “vaccination”.

Use the same excuse that Bill Gates used to exempt himself and his children from any such vaccination: “I’m allergic to the serum.”

Cut off from the great external hard drive and the constant flow of information available from it, victims of this nanotech experiment are severed from their own souls and their consciousness gradually fades.

The morphogenic information field gives us our consciousness and existence in much the same way that a hidden fungal mycelium supports visible fruiting bodies, (that is, mushrooms), in diverse locations. Without it, and without our connection to it, we are isolated and begin to die.

This loss of connectivity is what triggers the aging process. The telomeres which are the transmitter ends of our DNA antenna structures erode, shorten, and decay, with the result that our connectivity to the information field also erodes away. Our bodies begin to decay like computers that can no longer receive updates.

Enter the madmen, the Eugenists, the population alarmists, and most of all, the guilty debtors, who want to get rid of their Creditors…. and they suddenly have the “perfect means” to jam our DNA and trigger the aging process, a wee bit of nanotech that can be injected, replicated within the cells, and distributed throughout the body.

As this process takes effect, people begin breaking down, suffering the whole vast plethora of chronic diseases, the pestilence plagues of the Bible, and organ failures associated with old age. Their immune systems are compromised and they begin “dying like flies” but of all sorts of different causes.

The Perpetrators hope that the motives and their means will escape detection, and that, at any rate, those who have an interest in vengeance won’t have the strength and durability to destroy them once and for all.

They also hope to “make a killing” off the killing —- as they are all eagerly positioning their investments in medical tech, Big Pharma, medical research, hospitals, hospices, and even body bag and coffin manufacturers.

It’s easy to see who is in on it, by the stock and bond investments they are making. Let these transactions stand as evidence against them.

But they’ve already been discovered, too. Their means are now known. Their motives are known. And the Creator knows, because of the severance of the souls.

This is the most diabolical and evil plan I have ever witnessed in a lifetime of observing evil every day and at every hand.

If left unopposed and undiscovered, they will use the mass hysteria caused by the sudden “wave” of mysterious deaths as an excuse to force more and more phony “vaccinations” which will in turn create more and more death.

And the people who really should die and who in fact need to die forever, are the ones orchestrating all this death for others.

Don’t despair, even if you or loved ones have taken the shots; our Creator will not be mocked. Rise up in the morning and ask to be delivered. Go to bed at night and ask for an answer.

Having knowledge is given to those who ask for it. The hand of our God stretches over those who ask for protection. His indignation burns for the innocent who have been betrayed. His rage will make a swift end of those responsible.

Already, in a year, the ranks of the Great Witches have been decimated; they are no more. Two of the Great Seals, one on Bardsey Island and the Great Palatine Seal itself, are gone. The seas of darkness held in Jerusalem and Mecca and Rome, in Edinburgh, Sandringham, and Lourdes, in Venice, Lebanon, and Washington, DC, in Constantinople—-have all been drained away. They no longer have the energy to spawn World War III. Their agendas will come to naught.

Those who have sat in high places in positions of trust, who have thought of these things and implemented these plans, it would be better for them that they were never born. Now they have sealed their fate, like the seventy Elders of Jerusalem. Their shame has come upon them because of their idols and their destruction has come because of their thoughts, and no secrecy can shield them from The Living God.

This sick, vicious, diabolical trick, spreading destruction in the name of health, will fail, too. Their motives will be utterly exposed, like their own bones, lying in the fire-pit in the Valley of Hinnom.