No matter how hard Dr Fauci and the rest of the liberal establishment try to keep Covid hysteria going indefinitely, the pandemic is winding down. It is time to take the lessons learned regarding how much the little people will tolerate without rebelling and apply them to the global warming hoax. Did I say “global warming”? I meant, “climate change.” No wait, they have changed it again, in hopes of generating panic. Update your Newspeak Dictionary; the nonexistent weather crisis is now to be called “climate emergency.”

The Hill reports:

Scientific American Magazine announced Monday that it will begin using the term “climate emergency” instead of “climate change” when referring to the challenges of global warming, saying its task is to accurately report the news.

Actually, its task is to support the liberal agenda. Calling the fact that the climate continues to fluctuate as it always has and always will is not dispassionate reporting; it is propaganda.

The publication joined a slew of other outlets, including the Columbia Journalism Review and The Guardian, in its statement regarding the change in posture, Yahoo News reported.

You could almost get the impression that someone is coordinating this propaganda campaign from above.

Scientific American senior editor Mark Fischetti obediently yelps that fluctuating climate could “render a significant portion of the Earth uninhabitable” if the carbon emissions that accompany all human activity are not severely limited. This would require government to take control of the economy and radically reduce our standard of living, not to mention our freedom.

Actually, a significant portion of the Earth already is uninhabitable, because it is too cold. Danish farmers settled Greenland because it used to be green up there. Temperatures trending upward would not be all bad. In any case, Big Government may control everything else, but it cannot control the weather.

“Why ‘emergency?’ Because words matter. To preserve a livable planet, humanity must take action immediately,” Fischetti wrote.

The emphasis on manipulating our view of reality by manipulating vocabulary is classic postmodern leftism. This does not work in the long run, because people adapt to changed meanings. Just as “peaceful protester” now means “left-wing rioter,” “climate emergency” will soon mean “pleasant weather.”

“Guided by science, journalists have described the pandemic as an emergency, chronicled its devastating impacts, called out disinformation and told audiences how to protect themselves,” Fischetti wrote. “We need the same commitment to the climate story.”

It could not be clearer that the liberal ruling class intends to impose Covid-style tyranny on a permanent basis in the name of pretending to control the weather. Some of the more sinister leftists like John Kerry call this scheme the “Great Reset.”

Even amid a pandemic, which has paused travel plans and reduced economic activities, scientists found that [the level of harmless CO2 in] the earth’s atmosphere has continued to rise, according to The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Yahoo reported.

That means something even more repressive than the devastating ChiCom virus lockdowns is called for, in order to respond to this perpetual “emergency.”

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